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RESOVON Spinel Jewelry

Spinel has been undervalued and underappreciated for years. As one of the renowned jewelers in China, RESOVON saw the gem’s brilliance. Our company has had the opportunity to go to the next level. The name spinel is taken from the Latin word “spinella,” a reference to the sharp thorns of its crystal.

Spinels, known as the “biggest impostor,” have impersonated rubies in various important and famous jewelry pieces. These gorgeous gemstones come in various tints of pink, lavender, red, red-orange, purple, blue, and even black. Each color can range from bold, deep hues to extremely light pastels.

RESOVON is a high jewelry brand in China that specializes in creating luxurious spinel haute couture jewelry. By utilizing traditional jewelry techniques and the latest technology, we offer our clients the highest levels of customization and personalization for their jewelry pieces.

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Spinel Rings

Spinel rings are a timeless and elegant accessory that never goes out of style. They can be custom-made to fit your customer’s style and preference. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design or something more modern, there is sure to be a spinel ring that suits your needs.

Because of its distinct optical properties, spinel tends to be more sparkling and reflective than rubies. Making the gemstone the go-to alternative for most of our wholesalers. Spinels are also highly durable, with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 8.0.

For those looking for something unique, bespoke spinel rings are available from some of the world’s leading jewelers, like RESOVON. Finding a reliable supplier in China who can provide high-quality materials and craftsmanship is important to ensure you get the perfect ring. With our expertise, you can have a stunning piece of spinel jewelry that lasts years.

  • Bridal Spinel Rings
    Bridal Spinel Rings
  • Diamond Spinel Rings
    Diamond Spinel Rings
  • Engagement Spinel Rings
    Engagement Spinel Rings
  • Luxury Spinel Rings
    Luxury Spinel Rings
  • Spinel Rings Band
    Spinel Rings Band
  • Spinel Rings Jewelry
    Spinel Rings Jewelry
  • Spinel Rings
    Spinel Rings

Spinel Earrings

Ancient mines supplied spinels to the royal courts in China and Rome. However, the gemstones were sometimes mistaken for more well-known stones like rubies or sapphires, earning them the moniker “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem.”

As a stone of love, spinel is thought to aid the wearer in sacrificing self for the sake of another. Spinels are also believed to foster passion and lengthen the wearer’s life. With our factory in China, it is now possible to find wholesale spinel earrings at an affordable price.

Spinel earrings are a great way to add a touch of allure and elegance to any outfit. They come in various styles, from classic to bridal to avant-garde. You can customize each jewelry collection with the help of RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke services.

  • Bridal Spinel Earrings
    Bridal Spinel Earrings
  • Luxury Spinel Earrings
    Luxury Spinel Earrings
  • Pink Spinel Earrings
    Pink Spinel Earrings
  • Spinel Earrings Stud
    Spinel Earrings Stud
  • Spinel Earrings
    Spinel Earrings
  • Spinel Gem Earrings
    Spinel Gem Earrings

Spinel Necklace

Spinel necklaces are a popular choice for many jewelry wholesalers across the globe. Manufacturers of spinel necklaces offer high jewelry personalization and customization services, but only RESOVON does it best.

Using the finest materials and having expert jewelry artisans, RESOVON makes spinel necklaces an attractive option for those looking to make their own unique pieces. With the right manufacturer, customers can find the perfect spinel necklace to fit their customer’s styles and budgets.

From its inception, RESOVON has continuously improved each collection of spinel bracelets for its clients based on reliability and quality. Whether looking for an elegant spinel necklace or a simple one, RESOVON’s high jewelry customization process ensures you get what you want.

  • Art Spinel Necklace
    Art Spinel Necklace
  • Black Spinel Necklace
    Black Spinel Necklace
  • Diamond Spinel Necklace
    Diamond Spinel Necklace
  • Fine Spinel Necklace
    Fine Spinel Necklace
  • Luxury Spinel Necklace
    Luxury Spinel Necklace
  • Spinel Gem Necklace
    Spinel Gem Necklace
  • Spinel Necklace Jewelry
    Spinel Necklace Jewelry

Spinel Bracelet

Spinel bracelets are the perfect choice for wholesalers looking to add elegance to their business. These haute couture jewelry pieces are made with the highest grade of materials and expert craftsmanship, making them a must-have accessory for any fashion enthusiast.

Whether you are looking for something bespoke or finding a reliable jewelry manufacturer or supplier, spinel bracelets will make a great impression on your customers. With the timeless beauty of spinels, your customers can wear our custom pieces with any outfit and add a classy touch to any look.

Our innovative design process lets our clients create bespoke pieces that reflect their customer base. With our factory in China, RESOVON can provide fast and reliable delivery of its custom-made pieces worldwide, which no other jewelry brand can.

  • Fine Spinel Bracelet
    Fine Spinel Bracelet
  • Gold Spinel Bracelet
    Gold Spinel Bracelet
  • Luxury Spinel Bracelet
    Luxury Spinel Bracelet
  • Spinel Bracelet Bead
    Spinel Bracelet Bead
  • Spinel Bracelet Jewelry
    Spinel Bracelet Jewelry
  • Women Spinel Bracelet
    Women Spinel Bracelet

Spinel Brooch

RESOVON’s finest spinel brooches have become a popular choice among our wholesalers for high jewelry customization. This is due to our innovative, unique, and versatile design, which allows our wholesalers to create customized pieces tailored to their clients’ tastes.

We, a reputable jewelry manufacturer in China, have begun mass-producing spinel brooches due to their global demand. This increases the availability of our spinel brooches to wholesale businesses worldwide, who may now select from various styles and designs.

RESOVON only uses spinel gemstones that our gemologist has expertly analyzed, cut, and polished. Using traditional jewelry-making techniques passed down to our artisans and modern technology, and our spinel brooches are crafted with utmost intricacy and fine craftsmanship.

  • Antique Spinel Brooch
    Antique Spinel Brooch
  • Black Spinel Brooch
    Black Spinel Brooch
  • Gold Spinel Brooch
    Gold Spinel Brooch
  • Luxury Spinel Brooch
    Luxury Spinel Brooch
  • Spinel Brooch
    Spinel Brooch
  • Vintage Spinel Brooch
    Vintage Spinel Brooch

Spinel Charm Pendant

Our spinel charm pendants are the result of a well-crafted, high-quality jewelry personalization process that provides exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each pendant is perfect for wholesale businesses looking for unique and exquisite jewelry pieces.

With our vast range of customization options, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that your customers will cherish for years to come. You can obtain a fashionable yet classic look with the help of RESOVON’s incredibly competent designers.

With its experienced goldsmiths, our spinel charm pendants have the highest quality materials and intricacy you can’t find in other jewelers. RESOVON’s experienced team of jewelry professionals will help you personalize your jewelry to make it stand out from other stores.

  • Spinel Pendant
    Spinel Pendant
  • Spinel Charm
    Spinel Charm
  • Luxury Spinel Charm
    Luxury Spinel Charm
  • Fine Spinel Pendant
    Fine Spinel Pendant
  • Diamond Spinel Charm
    Diamond Spinel Charm
  • Black Spinel Pendant
    Black Spinel Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
GRS Certification
GRS Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Spinel Jewelry Bespoke Service

Spinel Jewelry Consult

RESOVON has created high jewelry bespoke services for its clients. At the heart of its services is the consultation. We always have an initial sit-down with you to discuss pertinent information regarding your luxury jewelry collection.

Everything is built on your original idea and the sketch created by our designers. Our staff will discuss the materials we will use and how they will impact the finished high jewelry piece. As a leading jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China, we’ll try to realize your vision.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Spinel Jewelry Designer

RESOVON is a well-known factory in China, making us your one-stop shop for all your fine jewelry needs, especially designing. As a prestigious jewelry brand specializing in high jewelry bespoke services, we let our clients decide what they want.

RESOVON uses our expertise and experience in jewelry design to create unique jewelry pieces for our clients. Each RESOVON jewelry designer uses their keen eyes and original ideas to build your personalized high jewelry blueprint.

Spinel Jewelry Gemologist

With our amazing gemologists at our factory, we also guide you in choosing the right stones, metals, and settings for each piece. With its personalized services, RESOVON ensures that each client gets a luxury or haute couture jewelry collection that is special and unique to them.

Our gemologists closely collaborate with our jewelry designers to find raw and genuine gemstones for custom, high-end jewelry. RESOVON’s gemologists have a degree and professional knowledge of the highly customized and competitive jewelry market.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Spinel Jewelry Artisan

Once the design is complete and you’ve chosen your desired gemstones and precious metals, our jewelry artisans will meticulously craft the jewelry. Our assembly part of the high jewelry personalization process is the most crucial.

High jewelry personalization involves a path that is rarely predetermined or pre-planned from concept to reality. The jeweler will build the different components of the jewelry structure after creating the various models.

Safty Package & Delivery

As China’s top jewelry manufacturer and supplier, RESOVON needs to get ahead of its competitors. Our high jewelry customization process also involves packing your spinel jewelry collection. We truly believe our packaging should exude elegance when delivering our items.

We, a luxury jewelry manufacturer in China, also offer delivery to your business, no matter what nation or area you are in. RESOVON provides effective logistics and delivery alternatives for your customized luxury jewelry collection.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Spinel Jewelry Service

Businesses don’t walk the talk when it comes to giving outstanding service. At RESOVON, we are dedicated to providing our esteemed clients with ongoing, top-notch after-sales service. We think that our partnership does not stop with the sale and delivery of a product.

Our high-end jewelry bespoke services include after-sales services other jewelers cannot offer. We provide refinishing, repair, or restringing services. Moreover, don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions about how to care for the beautiful jewelry you sell.

RESOVON Spinel Jewelry Spotlights

Fine Jewelry Gem Setting
High Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
RESOVON High Jewelry Building

Fine Jewelry Gem Setting

Fine jewelry gem setting is an art that jewelers have perfected over centuries. It involves placing precious and semi-precious stones in intricate designs to create beautiful jewelry. As a well-known jewelry manufacturer in China, RESOVON uses various techniques when setting jewelry.

While traditionally, jewelers used to hand-set gems, these days, manufacturers in China are using advanced technology for faster turn-overs. Not RESOVON. With handset fine jewelry pieces, customers can now have a truly personalized piece of jewelry.

High Jewelry Goldsmith

High-jewelry goldsmiths are the top metalworkers in the jewelry industry. Goldsmiths have been around for centuries and are responsible for some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry ever created. Expert RESOVON goldsmith uses their expertise and skill to craft unique pieces for our clients.

With the help of a high-end jewelry factory like RESOVON, these goldsmiths can create stunning pieces that will be treasured for years. RESOVON hones the skills of each goldsmith so they can create unique pieces that reflect our client’s personalities and styles.

RESOVON Advantages In Spinel Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education

Charles CHAO, a well-known haute couture jewelry designer, and his wife Ann KING established RESOVON in Hangzhou in 2010. The two built it on years of jewelry education, whether for spinel or other semi-precious or precious stones.

The RESOVON team adheres to a diverse and individualized growth philosophy. Each of our factory staff is well-equipped with training and education to create masterpieces.

Luxury Brand Management MBA

Charles CHAO, the CEO of RESOVON, is familiar with the workings of the luxury and haute couture jewelry market. He expanded his skills in this area by earning an MBA from the Global Luxury Brand Management program from  Sup de Luxe in Paris.

Because of his knowledge, RESOVON has developed into a successful jewelry brand in China. We thrived and prospered during high and low demands in the jewelry industry.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne jewelry pieces are beautiful bespoke items that are similar to enamel jewelry. But they are much more intricate. To make the images you see, we solder wirework onto a metal foundation to construct shapes.

RESOVON continues to create these custom pieces for our clients. Our artisans can produce unique items your customers will treasure for decades by combining their technical knowledge, talents, and our premium high jewelry customization process.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Nothing compares to the appearance of an enamel piece of jewelry, which features magnificent hues and brilliant gold lines. The jeweler’s enamel techniques might influence whether the piece will seem good and spectacular.

Effectively creating enamel jewelry demands significant ability and innovation. The level of craftsmanship will increase the value of the work. Our high customization process lets you create stunning bespoke enamel jewelry that no other jeweler can.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Jewelry made of filigree has intricately twisted strands of precious metal that are purely handmade. The metal is then shaped into delicate flourishes, lovely scrollwork, and symmetrical Art Deco-type designs. Then, each metal is soldered to gold, silver, or other precious metals to create the finished piece.

Our highly skilled artisans make astonishing filigree jewelry that seamlessly fuses beauty and craftsmanship. As a leading jewelry manufacturer in China, we take great pride in our handcrafted filigree jewelry, which offers unrivaled elegance and style.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

There’s no doubt that gold carving jewelry exudes elegance and style. And it’s no surprise that our clients are increasing their demand for real gold jewelry with carvings. As a leading jewelry manufacturer in China, RESOVON creates superb gold carving jewelry to compensate for the demand.

Our goldsmiths use traditional, cutting-edge tools and techniques to carve the required distinctive pattern. Each piece is expertly and precisely carved. RESOVON assures you that the gold carving jewelry pieces are of heirloom quality and built to last many years.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

Being a well-known Chinese jewelry manufacturer and supplier, RESOVON takes great pleasure in producing magnificent gemstone jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship. Our high jewelry personalization process allows you to customize each item to fit your specifications.

The elegance of your designs inspired the exceptional craftsmanship, priceless jewels, and delicate design of each piece of jewelry. Unique pieces distinguish the high-end gemstone jewelry line from the competition as genuine examples of opulent jewelry.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Customization. RESOVON team provides exclusive bespoke services for your spinel jewelry. Our advantages are design, hand drawing, and the master application of colors and gemstone shapes. Your high-end jewelry can be customized with full love.

  • “I recently purchased some customized spinel necklaces and bracelets from RESOVON, which are stunning! The quality is incomparable to other jewelers in China, and the craftsmanship is superior to any other jewelry brand I’ve seen.

    They have many designs, so you can find something that fits your wholesale business. Plus, their customer service is top-notch – very responsive and helpful. RESOVON knows what they are doing regarding spinel jewelry manufacturing!”

    - Tynomi Tremblay, Canada
  • “I’ve been collaborating with RESOVON for a few months now for my business’ jewelry collection and am extremely impressed with the outcome. I recently bought a high jewelry collection from RESOVON, and I am extremely impressed with the quality.

    The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the colors of the gemstones are vibrant. Not to mention, they have some of the best prices in the market. I highly recommend RESOVON for anyone looking for spinel jewelry!”

    - Selma Huhtala, Finland
  • “I’ve been one of RESOVON’s wholesalers for the past few years, and it’s been an absolute pleasure! RESOVON’s designs are always beautiful and stylish, and they offer a high level of personalization that is unmatched by any other jewelry brand.

    The customer service is always exceptional and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my experience is perfect. RESOVON is truly the best jewelry brand out there, offering great, high-end jewelry bespoke services.”

    - Zoey Kürschner, Germany
Spinel Jewelry Gallery

Gold ring with red spinel stone surrounded by small diamonds

Figure 1 Gold ring with red spinel stone surrounded by small diamonds.

What Is a Reson High Jewelry Spinel?

Natural spinel is one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful gemstones. Spinel is often confused with sapphire and ruby, and some well-known historical rubies have turned out to be spinels. In fact, spinel gemstones have been used in high jewelry for years. If you’re ever looking for high-jewelry spinels, you can guarantee to find them in China.

RESOVON, China’s leading manufacturer of high jewelry, provides bespoke high jewelry spinel pieces. You can get high jewelry spinels in varying colors; vivid red is most desired. High jewelry spinels have metaphysical properties that can be perfect for anyone. RESOVON spinel gemstone attracts passion, devotion, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

The Origin of RESOVON High Jewelry Spinel

Through years of expert experience, RESOVON has been trusted to create impeccable haute couture jewelry at reasonable prices. You can get high-valued pieces without breaking the bank. With RESOVON, your custom jewelry is crafted with the highest standards—nothing short of what you deserve.

Bespoke Spinel Throughout History

History’s most underappreciated gem is most likely Spinel. In ancient times, miners supplied spinel gems from Rome to China for royal courts. Due to the aesthetic and colors of spinel stones, they have been mistaken for rubies and sapphires. Only recently, expert goldsmiths could differentiate a spinel from a ruby through modern gemology.

Rose gold ring with tiny diamonds surrounding a spinel stone

Figure 2 Rose gold ring with tiny diamonds surrounding a spinel stone.

What Jewelers Know About Spinel Gemstones

China’s leading high-jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON, offers customers an array of high-quality jewelry. RESOVON high-jewelry spinel is made from precious spinel gemstones. You’ll find the best high-jewelry spinel in our factory in China.

RESOVON manufactures high jewelry spinels from central and southeast Asian mines’ exceptionally large spinel crystals. We at RESOVON offer beautiful and durable high-jewelry spinels at a reasonable price.

Deep green spinel gemstone being mounted to silver sound

Figure 3 Deep green spinel gemstone being mounted to silver surround.

Kinds of Spinel Gemstones at RESOVON

Orthorhombic and monoclinic are two types of spinel gemstones. The transparent gems with a green-blue color you may see are commonly referred to as monoclinic spinels. Generally, an orthorhombic spinel is usually opaque and blue-green. Regardless of the spinel type, you can customize them into high jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

RESOVON Spinel Properties

Before being crafted into high jewelry pieces, our goldsmiths thoroughly studied the spinels to deliver the best result.

Chemical Properties

Spinel gemstones have magnesium and aluminum oxide elements, along with copper, nickel, chromium, and manganese. Generally, spinel stones’ unique colorization comes from minerals. The spinels in high jewelry pieces at RESOVON come in any size, shape, and spectacular colors.

Physical Properties

If magnetite is predominantly present in the spinel, your stone can be magnetic. If spinels have mostly silicon dioxide, they won’t be magnetic. Apart from magnetism, spinel gemstones have a distinctive color, hardness, light transmission, polishing, and reflective index. This is how experts distinguished spinel from rubies and sapphires.

Blue spinel gemstone

Figure 4 Blue spinel gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of spinel stones are believed to attract passion, devotion, rejuvenation, and inspiration. Like most red gemstones, spinel is associated with enhancing an individual’s stamina and physical energy.

Main Categories of High Jewelry Spinel Gemstone

Spinel stones can contain different properties that put them into three categories. Depending on the stones’ elements and minerals, they can be magnetic, non-magnetic, or semi-magnetic.


A spinel stone containing ferromagnetic materials can make the stone magnetic. In the 11th century, magnetic spinels magnetized and guided ships.


The non-ferrous materials in some spinel gems make the stone non-magnetic. Non-ferrous materials can be feldspar, corundum, quartz, and others.


Spinel gemstones can also be semi-magnetic. The stone is considered semi-magnetic when a gem has non-ferrous and ferromagnetic materials.

Which RESOVON Spinel Bespoke Jewelry is Best for You?

At RESOVON, you can choose from a collection of high-quality jewelry to best suit your style. We have products made of spinel stones, including rings, necklaces, and earrings. Come and find the timeless high jewelry spinel that matches you. We’ve listed some high-jewelry spinels below for you to choose from.

Green spinel stone

Figure 5 Green spinel stone.

Spinel Engagement Ring

We at RESOVON offer engagement rings crafted from the finest spinel gemstones in China. Spinel rings are a perfect choice for a unique alternative to propose with. Our spinel rings come in different colors, sizes, and shapes while maintaining their natural durability.

Blue spinel engagement ring

Figure 6 Blue spinel engagement ring.

Spinel Wedding Ring

Our China factory crafts delicate designs that meet our valued customers’ standards. High jewelry personalization gives you the ability to own one-of-a-kind jewelry. RESOVON high jewelry spinel wedding rings may be best for you and your spouse. You can ditch the traditional wedding band and get a RESOVON spinel wedding ring instead.

Pink spinel rings

Figure 7 Pink spinel rings.

Spinel Gem Ring

Spinel gem rings from RESOVON are a perfect way to celebrate self-love. You can get an exclusive RESOVON spinel gem ring, and it is believed that the high-energy spinel stone may attract wealth and prosperity. Our China factory produces the best jewelry personalization. Certainly, at RESOVON, your spinel gem ring is custom-fitted for you.

Silver ring mounted with deep red spinel stone

Figure 8 Silver ring mounted with deep red spinel stone.

Spinel Earrings

Whether you opt for an everyday style or a special occasion aesthetic, you can choose a pair of spinel earrings. At RESOVON, our spinel stud earrings are classic and minimalist. You can wear them daily, giving you a more elegant and stylish look. And if you’re going for a more formal look, spinel dangle earrings may suit you too. Check out our spinel earrings collection at RESOVON and get the one for you.

Red spinel drop earrings

Figure 9 Red spinel drop earrings.

Spinel Necklace

You can rely on our china supplier if you’re looking for a supplier to trust to handle your high jewelry personalization collection. The spinel necklaces you’ll see at RESOVON are perfect for everyday casual or work wear. Our spinel necklace gives a neutral elegance to your overall aesthetic. RESOVON high jewelry spinel necklaces are carefully crafted and dutifully sourced just what you deserve.

Red spinel studded luxury necklace

Figure 10 Red spinel studded luxury necklace.

Spinel Birthstone Necklace

High jewelry customization is popular among enthusiasts due to the flexibility it offers. Spinel gemstones are perfect for people born in August. One of the birthstones for August is spinel. RESOVON’s high jewelry spinel birthstone necklace can come in vibrant pink, deep red, orange, purple, blue, and bluish green. Pick the color you want for your spinel birthstone necklace.

August birthstone necklace

Figure 11 August birthstone necklace.

The Personalization of RESOVON High Jewelry Spinel

There are a few reliable high-jewelry bespoke services, especially in China. RESOVON offers our customers an array of high-jewelry designs to choose from. You can start your collection of high-jewelry spinels with us. Our spinels come in varying colors, sizes, shapes, and designs and still offer the same durability. Choose your high-jewelry spinel by visiting us at our factory in China.

Large pink spinel mounted to gold necklace, ring, and earrings

Figure 12 Large pink spinel mounted to gold necklace, ring, and earrings.

Colors of RESOVON High Jewelry Spinel

Our high jewelry bespoke services deliver the utmost care to offer our customers the highest quality product. The high jewelry spinels in RESOVON have distinct features that can rival that of rubies and sapphires. If you didn’t know, spinels are harder than rubies and sapphires and are also larger. Due to their colorization, spinels are often mistaken for sapphires and rubies.

Our China manufacturer at RESOVON recognizes the impact colors have on their value. Some colors of high jewelry spinels are rarer than others and may command a higher premium. The most common color of spinel is vivid red. Generally, vivid red spinels are one of the most important colors of spinel. You can get high-quality jewelry spinels in various colors in China.

The Durability of a High Jewelry Spinel

High-end bespoke services deliver quality craftsmanship beyond aesthetics. In fact, the customization of spinel gemstones was made of high quality by taking advantage of the stone’s durability. According to the Mohs scale, ruby and sapphire are softer than spinels. RESOVON high-end spinels’ hardness ranges from 7 to 9 on the Mohs Scale.

At RESOVON, you’re getting durable spinels. The high jewelry spinels we offer are rugged and robust, may be able to resist heat, moisture, and chemicals, and are not easily scratched. You’re getting your money’s worth with the durability of RESOVON high jewelry spinel. Due to the strength of the gemstone, with proper care, you can keep the quality of your high jewelry spinel for years.

Cut of RESOVON High Jewelry Spinel

RESOVON, China’s leading high-end jewelry manufacturer, carefully crafts bespoke spinels to deliver the best jewelry for you. Our China manufacturer ensures that the cut of a spinel stone can differ according to your customization. Our experts also cut spinels in ways that highlight the stone’s dispersion and high refractive index.

We at RESOVON maximize the beauty of the brilliant and fiery stone to create the best for you. You can have your high-end jewelry spinels custom-made for you. Rest assured, we’ll have experts on our team to deliver high-quality service. RESOVON is China’s best high-end jewelry manufacturer, and you’re guaranteed to receive the best from the best.

Square cut blue spinel stone

Figure 13 Square cut blue spinel stone.

Clarity of High Jewelry Spinel

It’s important to note that gemstones may contain inclusions. Generally, inclusions are impurities in a stone; they can be crystals, negative crystals, fractures, or healed fractures. Natural gemstones like spinel are susceptible to inclusions, and the absence of inclusions makes spinel jewelry worth more. The more inclusions there are, the less clarity of spinel, and the less value.

There are inclusions in spinel gemstones that are considered rare. This rare, delicate inclusion often makes the most beautiful design and can be customized into a high jewelry spinel. A spinel with long, thin, wispy cracks cut into cabochon can create a star-like effect on the stones’ surface. In fact, the star-like effect is known as asterism and is considered rare.

Vibrant purple spinel stone

Figure 14 Vibrant purple spinel stone.

Why Should You Buy RESOVON High Jewelry Spinels from China?

As China’s best high jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON continues to deliver quality services and products to its customers. If you plan on buying quality jewelry and want the most without overspending, our high jewelry spinels are best for you. RESOVON high jewelry spinels are robust in withstanding wear and don’t sacrifice budget over quality.

Our China supplier at RESOVON offers a variety of designs. Our China manufacturer makes high jewelry customization possible. You can visit our factory in China and experience how we craft the finest high jewelry and what makes us the best in the country.

Drop spinel earrings with three distinct colors

Figure 15 Drop spinel earrings with three distinct colors.

Why Should RESOVON Be Your Go-To Custom Jewelry Manufacturer in China?

RESOVON, the reputable manufacturer of high jewelry in China, can deliver high jewelry spinels for you. Our expert jewelers can tell you about the stone’s origin to ensure you’re not being ripped off and are purchasing a genuine high jewelry spinel. Our China supplier always aims to provide the best high jewelry personalization you deserve.

How To Care For Your Custom RESOVON High Jewelry Spinel?

You can get your high-jewelry spinel professionally cleaned or do it yourself. Washing it with soap and warm water can maintain its shine and luster. After washing, rinse off the soap and thoroughly dry the spinel. Don’t use ultrasonic cleaners and other chemicals to avoid damaging the spinel.

To keep your high jewelry spinels dust-free and prevent getting damaged by harder stones like diamonds, wrap them in a velvet cloth or cotton when storing them. Chemicals like harsh detergents, bleach, and cosmetics may damage the spinel.

How Much Does High Jewelry Spinel from China Cost?

The carat price differs because of various factors. Most people go for vivid red – Burma, which can cost anywhere from $1000-$5000 for 1-3 carats of the stone. The cheapest may be a spinel with fancy colors can go for $50-$1000 for 1-5 carats.

At RESOVON, you can get high-jewelry spinels for yourself or your loved ones at a reasonable price. The cost of high jewelry spinels depends on the spinel stone’s carat and the jewelry’s craftsmanship.

Which High Jewelry Spinel Style Is The Most Expensive?

The price of RESOVON high-jewelry spinels varies according to the stone’s quality. Spinel gemstones with inclusions may be valued less than a clearer spinel. The style of high-jewelry spinels, the vibrance, and the size of the spinel stone used can also affect the value and price. Spinel engagement rings may cost the most since people often opt for extravagant ones.

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