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RESOVON Sunstone Jewelry

As a high jewelry brand, we consistently go above and beyond gorgeous bespoke jewelry. With each sunstone’s distinct beauty and magnificent attributes, RESOVON, a renowned bespoke jewelry manufacturer in China, offers an incredible assortment. We know the value of sunstone and want our wholesalers to appreciate it as well.

Sunstone is a kind of feldspar. Hematite and goethite are sunstone minerals that help it reflect light from different angles to provide brilliance. Sunstone’s meaning is centered on plenty and joy. It is frequently discovered in warm tones of orange, gold, red, and brown and has a transparent appearance.

Sunstone is distinguished further by the presence of many light-reflective inclusions, which provide a distinctive sparkling look known as aventurescence. This beautiful stone is also known as goldstone because of its vivid golden hue.

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Sunstone Rings

The uniqueness and specialness of sunstone rings cannot be overstated. Sunstone is considered a leadership stone, inspiring its wearer to be sociable and compassionate. Generally, sunstone, often known as the “stone of joy,” is said to encourage generosity and a passion for living.

And with all RESOVON jewelry, we may personalize or build it exactly as you imagined. Sunstone rings are classy, classic jewelry that are always in fashion.

They may be customized specifically to suit the tastes and preferences of every customer. Whether you want a traditional style or something more modern, there is surely a sunstone ring that fits your preferences.

  • Diamond Sunstone Ring
    Diamond Sunstone Ring
  • Fine Sunstone Ring
    Fine Sunstone Ring
  • Luxury Sunstone Ring
    Luxury Sunstone Ring
  • Sunstone Gem Ring
    Sunstone Gem Ring
  • Sunstone Ring Band
    Sunstone Ring Band
  • Sunstone Ring Jewelry
    Sunstone Ring Jewelry
  • Sunstone Ring
    Sunstone Ring
  • Women Sunstone Ring
    Women Sunstone Ring

Sunstone Earrings

The sunstone earrings by RESOVON will provide a lovely glow, which is excellent for spicing up a look or on a gloomy day.

Bright, positive energy emanates from sunstone. It symbolizes good luck and wealth and exudes warmth, vigor, and life. It is a beautiful, dazzling stone that reflects happiness and positivity and will infuse your life with its radiance.

Sunstone earrings are a stunning present for a loved one, for any event, like a birthday, or for someone setting out on a journey.

  • Antique Sunstone Earrings
    Antique Sunstone Earrings
  • Sunstone Earrings
    Sunstone Earrings
  • Diamond Sunstone Earrings
    DIA Sunstone Earrings
  • Luxury Sunstone Earrings
    Luxury Sunstone Earrings
  • Platinum Sunstone Earrings
    Platinum Sunstone Earrings
  • Vintage Sunstone Earrings
    Vintage Sunstone Earrings

Sunstone Necklace

When worn around the neck, sunstone functions as our personal sun. Our spirits are filled with light, warmth, and strength from sunstone, and we radiate this light to everyone around us.

Wearing a high-quality sunstone necklace allows us to feel the multifaceted brightness, clarity, and light this gemstone gives to the mind, body, and emotions.

Sunstone earrings are an excellent way to give any outfit a dash of glamor and sophistication. They come in various styles, from traditional to wedding to avant-garde. RESOVON’s high jewelry bespoke services allow you to personalize any jewelry collection.

  • Fine Sunstone Necklace
    Fine Sunstone Necklace
  • Gold Sunstone Necklace
    Gold Sunstone Necklace
  • Luxury Sunstone Necklace
    Luxury Sunstone Necklace
  • Sunstone Necklace Bead
    Sunstone Necklace Bead
  • Sunstone Necklace Jewelry
    Sunstone Necklace Jewelry
  • Women Sunstone Necklace
    Women Sunstone Necklace

Sunstone Bracelet

Sunstone bracelets are ideal for wholesalers wishing to add glamor to their business. These haute couture jewelry pieces are created using the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship, making them a must-have item for every jewelry admirer.

Sunstone bracelets will leave a lasting impact on your consumers, regardless of whether they’re searching for something special or locating a trustworthy jewelry manufacturer or supplier. Thanks to the sunstone’s everlasting beauty, customers may wear RESOVON’s unique pieces with any outfit and add a sophisticated touch to any appearance.

  • Art Sunstone Bracelet
    Art Sunstone Bracelet
  • Fashion Sunstone Bracelet
    Fashion Sunstone Bracelet
  • Girl Sunstone Bracelet
    Girl Sunstone Bracelet
  • Sunstone Bracelet Bangle
    Sunstone Bracelet Bangle
  • Sunstone Bracelet Bead
    Sunstone Bracelet Bead
  • Sunstone Gem Bracelet
    Sunstone Gem Bracelet

Sunstone Brooch

Sunstone brooches by RESOVON have been a popular option for premium jewelry personalization among our wholesalers. This is because of our creative, distinctive, and adaptable design, which enables our wholesalers to produce jewelry specially made to suit customers’ tastes.

The high demand for sunstone brooches worldwide has prompted us, a prominent jewelry maker in China, to mass-produce them. Our sunstone brooches are more readily available to wholesale enterprises worldwide with a wider selection of styles and patterns.

Our gemologist has carefully studied, cut, and polished only Sunstone gemstones for RESOVON. Indeed, our sunstone brooches are made with the finest delicacy and excellent craftsmanship using contemporary technology and the classic jewelry-making methods passed down to our artists.

  • Art Sunstone Brooch
    Art Sunstone Brooch
  • Diamond Sunstone Brooch
    Diamond Sunstone Brooch
  • Gold Sunstone Brooch
    Gold Sunstone Brooch
  • Sunstone Brooch
    Sunstone Brooch
  • Sunstone Gem Brooch
    Sunstone Gem Brooch
  • Vintage Sunstone Brooch
    Vintage Sunstone Brooch

Sunstone Charm Pendant

RESOVON pendants are made of fine metals and completed with sunstone for a unique and magnificent jewelry piece. Every charm pendant is expertly created by our skilled goldsmiths and artisans, who take great delight in their work.

You may personalize your haute couture jewelry with RESOVON, which offers engraved initials, custom designs, and collections from quality jewelry designers. This magnificent sunstone charm pendant by RESOVON will describe your style and elegance.

  • Diamond Sunstone Charm
    Diamond Sunstone Charm
  • Luxury Sunstone Pendant
    Luxury Sunstone Pendant
  • Sunstone Charm Jewelry
    Sunstone Charm Jewelry
  • Sunstone Charm
    Sunstone Charm
  • Sunstone Gem Pendant
    Sunstone Gem Pendant
  • Sunstone Pendant
    Sunstone Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

GIA Certification
GIA Certification
IGI Certification
IGI Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification

RESOVON Sunstone Jewelry Bespoke Service

Sunstone Jewelry Consult

RESOVON provides the best sunstone jewelry consultancy services available. With over 10 years of expertise, our educated team of advisors is dedicated to supplying you with luxury jewelry from the finest quality resources and artistry.

Your original concept and the drawing produced by our designers serve as the foundation for everything. Our team will review the materials we’ll use and how they’ll affect the final high jewelry design. As a renowned jewelry manufacturer and supplier in China, we will greatly fulfill your desire.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Sunstone Jewelry Designer

Each item is carefully made to express its individual character. At RESOVON, we think that beautiful jewelry ought to be enjoyed as well as worn. We are enthusiastic about making distinctive and exquisite jewelry that catches the attention of the winner as a leading jewelry maker in China.

With the ideal blend of contemporary style and classic charm, our sunstone jewelry is created with passion. Give your idea to one of our talented artisans, and they’ll turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece you’ll love to wear every day.

Sunstone Gemologist

RESOVON, a leading provider of luxury jewelry in China, is dedicated to creating the most precious pieces for you with the help of its skilled gemologists. With years of constant training, we take pride in shaping and polishing gemstones with high accuracy.

Our gemologists work closely with our jewelry suppliers to source natural and authentic gemstones for unique, high-end jewelry. The gemologists at RESOVON hold a degree in gemology and are experts in the highly specialized and tough jewelry industry.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Sunstone Jewelry Artisan

Following the completion of the design and your selection of the metals and gemstones, our jewelers will carefully create the jewelry. The most important step in high jewelry customization is our assembling step.

No detail is ignored, from selecting the best stone materials to designing delicate jewel shapes. Working with us ensures that our artists carefully choose each valuable gemstone and handcraft the ideal jewelry according to your preferences.

Safty Package & Delivery

We have a high-end jewelry factory in China, and we know the necessity of safeguarding your jewelry purchases and delivering each piece with the highest care. Every high-end piece of jewelry is expertly wrapped and sent securely.

As a luxury jewelry maker in China, we also provide shipping to your business, regardless of the country or region. RESOVON offers efficient logistics and shipping options for your personalized collection of fine jewels.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Sunstone Jewelry Service

We at RESOVON are committed to providing exceptional after-sales support to every one of our valued customers. Certainly, our collaboration extends beyond the sale and delivery of a product.

Our after-sales service will ensure that your jewelry is consistently excellent, starting when your transaction is complete. With this degree of customization, the possibilities are limitless. You may be confident that the amazing sunstone pieces you buy will last a lifetime and still look great.

RESOVON Sunstone Jewelry Spotlights

Art Jewelry Hand Drawing
Art Jewelry Goldsmith
Hard Enamel Process
Jewelry Setting

Art Jewelry Goldsmith

We use durable enamel in our high-end jewelry personalization method. The enameling process could give your sunstone jewelry a refined and modern appearance. Our experts are very skilled at the process and guarantee a high-quality result.

As per the aim and vision of the brand, we’d want to let you create your own jewelry. And with our high-end custom jewelry services, your collection will be a story only you can tell. Moreover, customized orders enable the creation of one-of-a-kind designs for your wholesale company.

Hard Enamel Process

Expert goldsmiths are vital for jewelers like RESOVON. Moreover, since founding RESOVON in Hangzhou, China, we have carried on the royal goldsmithing heritage and skills. Our jewelry line creates stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry in collaboration with leading goldsmiths.

From shaping the metals to securing our jewels, the goldsmiths at our facility in China pay close attention to even the smallest details. Each item is examined to guarantee that you will receive only the highest-quality sunstone jewelry.

RESOVON Advantages In Sunstone Jewelry

Luxury Jewelry Drawing Education

In Hangzhou, China 2010, RESOVON was founded by Charles CHAO and Ann KING, two prominent high-end jewelry designers. The two developed it through years of jewelry schooling, whether for sunstone or other precious stones.

At RESOVON, we make it our mission to enlighten you so you can shop with assurance, knowing you’ve picked the best product.

Luxury Brand Management MBA

The CEO of RESOVON, Charles CHAO, knows how the market for high-end and couture jewelry operates. He enhanced his knowledge in this field by obtaining an MBA at Sup de Luxe in Paris’ Global Luxury Brand Management program.

Due to his expertise, RESOVON has become a popular jewelry brand in China. During high and low demand in the jewelry business, we survived and profited.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne is a traditional skill that entails delicate metalwork motifs, which RESOVON has refined to produce contemporary gemstone pieces. We handle each complex design diligently and carefully, exhibiting our amazing craftsmanship.

RESOVON continues to develop these unique items for our customers. By fusing their technical expertise, creative talent, and our high-end jewelry customizing process, our artisans can create one-of-a-kind things that your consumers will appreciate for decades.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Nothing beats the look of enamel jewelry with amazing colors and sparkling gold lines. The jeweler’s enamel methods may impact whether the piece seems excellent or stunning.

Our skilled goldsmiths at RESOVON are experts in crafting custom, expensive pieces of fine jewelry that exceed expectations regarding artistry and elegance. We design something special that embodies haute couture splendor to meet your specific standards using a variety of color combinations and materials.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

To make stunning filigree jewelry that seamlessly fuses art and workmanship in a genuinely opulent style, extremely trained goldsmiths are required. Jewelry made with filigree has a delicate appearance yet is strong, as it is made by expertly weaving tiny strands of gold or silver thread together.

As one of China’s top jewelry producers, we are extremely proud of our handcrafted filigree jewelry’s unmatched elegance and sophistication.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

A traditional method of creating jewelry is known as “gold carving,” which involves shaping gold into various elaborate and highly detailed designs by cutting and manipulating the metal. We enjoy offering excellent sunstone jewelry made using the age-old technique of gold carving.

Our goldsmiths carve the desired design using conventional, cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Each item is beautifully and accurately crafted. You can trust RESOVON to create heirloom-quality gold carving jewelry that will last very long.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

RESOVON takes great pride in making gorgeous gemstone jewelry with excellent craftsmanship. As an established Chinese manufacturer and supplier, we offer a highly customizable jewelry process, allowing you to modify each piece to meet your exact standards.

Together, the different pieces in our collection strive to produce one-of-a-kind designs that stand out as authentic examples of luxury jewelry workmanship. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, emphasizing creativity over mass production and quality over quantity.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Customization. RESOVON Sunstone jewelry team provides exclusive bespoke services worldwide. We can provide the original jewelry design and the expert application of colors and shapes for your gem, with decades of experience.

  • My latest purchases from RESOVON included a ton of sunstone jewelry, and I couldn’t be happier! Each piece of jewelry is well made. Don’t even start on the fine finishes and precise detailing they give each piece of jewelry.

    The designs are stunning and give my clients a feeling of nobility. RESOVON is a jewelry supplier that produces the greatest sunstone high jewelry!

    - Drew Hawkson, Australia
  • My go-to source for sunstone high jewelry in China is RESOVON. I have purchased nothing less than absolutely amazing items for my wholesale business. The materials are of the highest caliber, the stones are exquisite, and the patterns are classic.

    RESOVON’s reputation as the industry leader is deserved. Looking forward to making my next purchase!

    - Kelly Simmons, Canada
  • RESOVON’s handmade moonstone pieces are just gorgeous. They have provided me with several jewelry items, and my buyers have been astounded by the elaborate patterns and high-caliber workmanship.

    Each artwork is special and guaranteed to spark conversation. Also, RESOVON provides excellent high-jewelry customization, so I could create my own designs in their factory. RESOVON provides the highest-quality jewelry on the market!

    - Hailey Clarkson, USA
Sunstone Jewelry Gallery

Sunstone High Jewelry

Figure 1 Sunstone High Jewelry

What is RESOVON Sunstone High Jewelry?

RESOVON, China’s leading manufacturer of high jewelry, crafts the most sophisticated jewelry using sunstone gems. Our sunstone high jewelry represents healing power, giving our customers light, abundance, protection, and happiness.

A RESOVON sunstone ring is perfect for your mom, wife, friends, and even yourself. Since we are delighted to help, we have made high-quality bespoke services where you can easily make your personalized jewelry without any hassle.

We built a good reputation by crafting exceptional haute couture jewelry with fewer inclusions at a very reasonable price.

The Beauty of RESOVON Personalized Jewelry

Sunstone Gem

Figure 2 Sunstone Gem

The feldspar mineral family includes the sunstone gem, which has carved out a unique niche in the jewelry world. RESOVON Sunstone high jewelry personalization possesses the ideal characteristics that are very suitable for all types of jewelry.

Our top-notch jewelers create exceptional high jewelry at our factory in China. One of our customized sunstone high jewelry’s best features is aventurescence, which gives our high jewelry a metallic glitter that looks best when exposed to sunlight.

In addition, we offer multiple varieties of sunstone high jewelry shades, from pinkish red, orange, to brown. Our best seller is the unique brown shades that make darker skin tones look stunning.

Inclusions Make Sunstone Customized Jewelry Special

Most personalized high jewelry is inclusion-free. Still, sunstone high jewelry is the exception since inclusions give the jewelry a more upscale and brilliant appearance. Our manufacturer in China lovingly and carefully handcrafts every piece of high jewelry. Also, our skilled artisans at RESOVON embrace the sunstone gem’s imperfections as if they were turning its flaws into strengths.

In addition, RESOVON’s supplier in China also made sunstone, which is their top-selling high jewelry product.

Sunstone High Jewelry Can Go Well in Different Metals

Our sunstone high jewelry is very convenient as it can be coupled with various metals, such as silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and many more. At RESOVON, you may personalize your high jewelry and select the metal you want to use with your sunstone high jewelry.

Adding a pair of sunstone ring earrings is one method of upgrading your appearance. Our jewelers in China produced simple yet attractive patterns, making them perfect for casual occasions or daily wear. Sunstone hoop earrings can also offer some flair to your evening ensemble.

On the other hand, a jewelry sunstone necklace with a dainty pendant can look good when paired with our classic sunstone ring bracelet. You may send us an email for personalization booking and schedule.

Notable Qualities of High Jewelry in RESOVON

Sunstone Beautiful pendant

Figure 3 Sunstone Beautiful pendant

Sunstone High Jewelry Color Saturation

Sunstone color variations may affect the value of high jewelry. The value of darker colors exceeds that of lighter ones. On the other hand, some sunstone gems with a touch of red to brown glitter are expensive. In our sunstone factory in China, we search for the best and most popular sunstone hues to create a dazzling high jewelry collection.

During the RESOVON customization process, you can choose your desired sunstone gem hue, whether you want your high jewelry stone to be paler or darker. We are here to help you at every step of the customization process.

Sunstone Jewelry Carat Size

Unlike any other gemstone, the carat size of sunstone gems is unnecessary. Despite the stone’s size, you can buy our Sunstone high jewelry at an affordable price.

In addition, RESOVON sunstone jewelry suppliers in China value width and length more than carat weight. That way, we can measure the precise amount of stone we will add to your jewelry.

Sunstone Cut High Jewelry

Figure 4 Sunstone Cut High Jewelry

Cuts of Sunstone Jewelry

The cutting process is one of the most crucial parts of Sunstone high jewelry. When done incorrectly, it may not display the best properties of the stones. We are pleased to say with pride that we have skilled and talented jewelers here at RESOVON who can cut our high-end jewelry in the most attractive way possible.

Also, we exhibit two different cutting styles that will surely give the sunstone gem a rebirth into exceptional high jewelry. A faceted cut is a basic cut in sunstone jewelry, including shapes like brilliant round, oval, marquise, etc.

Meanwhile, cut en cabochon is a cut that enhances the inclusion of sunstone and is popular for its dome-shaped gemstones, mostly used in brownish shades of sunstone gems. In addition, sunstones are also known for their transparent characteristics, like Oregon sunstones.

Sunstone High Jewelry Transparency

A gemstone’s clarity affects how few inclusions it contains. Sunstones are excluded from that. The primary cause of the stone’s reflection, which can result in a beautiful incandescent light, is its inclusion in sunstone. In addition, due to their transparency, Oregon sunstones offer great clarity.

Lasting Durability

RESOVON sunstone high jewelry is made with high-quality materials that can provide a strong foundation for building jewelry. Our manufacturer in China uses sunstone gems that are accurately tested by the Mohs scale with a rating of 6.5 to 7.2 toughness, which proves its extreme durability.

Our sunstone jewelry accessories are also extremely robust, making them scratch-resistant and suitable for daily wear.

Sunstone Fancy Designs

Figure 5 Sunstone Fancy Designs

Outstanding Designs

In addition to producing quality goods, RESOVON also produces exceptional jewelry. Regardless of age, our manufacturers create timeless yet trendy high jewelry to suit your taste. Our manufacturer, customer, and jewelers work together to create our unique sunstone jewelry.

Remarkable Custom High Jewelry of RESOVON in China

Sunstone Jewelry Ring

Figure 6 Sunstone Jewelry Ring

Sunstone Jewelry Ring

Our RESOVON sunstone ring collection includes engagement rings, diamond rings, and even personalized rings. The designs of our high-quality jewelry rings are mesmerizing and will bring you joy and lots of sunshine.

In addition, you can select custom jewelry rings if you wish to create high jewelry out of your designs.

Sunstone Ring and Diamond Ring

Nothing is more lovely than a piece of high jewelry that combines sunstone from RESOVON with diamond accents. Our high jewelry rings are handcrafted with lovely designs, and our wholesalers in China are selling them at reasonable prices. You won’t spend as much money and yet get to appreciate your expensive jewelry.

Sunstone Ring Engagement Ring

Figure 7 Sunstone Ring Engagement Ring

Sunstone Ring Engagement Ring

Most people who purchase engagement rings usually don’t choose traditional styles. They want jewelry resembling their special someone; in that instance, bespoke sunstone engagement rings are the best option.

We value every minute of your special day, such as your engagement day, here at RESOVON. Creating a piece of bespoke high jewelry is challenging, but we assure you that we will do our best to give high-quality jewelry. In addition, we’ll transport it promptly to ensure it arrives on time for your big day.

Sunstone Jewelry Bracelets

RESOVON sunstone ring bracelets feature crystal stone with glitter inclusions that add to the beauty of high jewelry bracelets. Our bracelets summon healing energy that converts your fears and anxiety to motivation, calm, and positive thoughts.

In addition, our manufacturer in China chooses more vivid, earthy sunstones that are perfect for small events like birthdays, meetings, mall shopping, etc.

Sunstone Jewelry Earrings

Figure 8 Sunstone Jewelry Earrings

Sunstone Jewelry Earrings

Our factory in China is top-notch in terms of bespoke sunstone jewelry earrings. Generally, our sunstone gems’ handmade quality is best used for weddings, bridal picture sessions, and romantic dates. Sunstone earrings made with our amazing patterns are also available.

Jewelry Sunstone Necklace

Figure 9 Jewelry Sunstone Necklace

We offer a minimal yet vintage-looking necklace with a gorgeous sunstone ring pendant at RESOVON. We have numerous necklaces, bright hues, large stone sizes, and different forms provided if you want to purchase them. Our China suppliers are the ones in charge of safely delivering your orders.

Feel free to check our high jewelry personalization process for your custom sunstone necklace so you will know what procedure your high jewelry should undergo.

Tsavorite Sunstone Necklace

Two rare gemstones in one high jewelry collection. The dark green shade of my favorite stone will perfectly match the warm, earthy, and brownish tones of sunstone gems. At a fair price, you can now have your very own high-jewelry necklace with two of the rarest gemstones in the world.

High Jewelry Personalization Process At RESOVON Factory in China

Personalized Sunstone Jewelry

Figure 10 Personalized Sunstone Jewelry

Translate Your Visions

The first step of your jewelry customization is formulating and organizing your ideas. It starts with your inner self. On the other hand, aside from thinking of jewelry designs, you should also consider planning what type of jewelry you want to customize, shape, and size.

In addition, we at RESOVON are the ones who will draw or sketch your visualization through 3D graphic sketching. After a few days of preparation and sketching, we will send it to your email for approval. We are open to critique, and if you want to revise our sketch, we will do so.

Plan The Jewelry Details

Jewelry detailing is crucial when it comes to customization. Luckily, we have the best jeweler and manufacturer in China; they will help you choose details that will complement your high jewelry.

The RESOVON factory in China has premium goods that will create exquisite jewelry that will make you feel more comfortable and beautiful.

Sunstone Gold Necklace

Figure 11 Sunstone Gold Necklace

Meet Us at RESOVON in China

Talk, consult, and meet with us regarding your jewelry personalization procedure. After doing some sketches, we are ready to conclude your designs and prepare for execution. However, before that, we must discuss the procedure, prices, and delivery date for a smooth transaction.

Execution of Customization Procedure

After countless discussions and planning, our manufacturer will begin creating your customized high jewelry. We will resize, reshape, and refile the jewelry until it reaches your preferred designs. Also, we have the best, most talented jewelers who can transform a basic stone into high jewelry.

In addition, our manufacturers in China produce the greatest sunstone high jewelry. We present to you our immaculate, exceptional jewelry.

Sunstone Stud Earrings

Figure 12 Sunstone Stud Earrings

Delivery Process of Your Bespoke Jewelry

We are dedicated to providing you with the greatest bespoke services by bringing your jewelry to your home. Also, if you want to surprise someone special, leave their address with us, and you can relax knowing that it will be delivered to them with a huge smile. At RESOVON, we value the happiness of our clients.

What Makes RESOVON The Best Manufacturer in China?

We work with the most talented, skillful, and hardworking artisans and jewelers who may help us craft our exceptional high jewelry. In addition, aside from our long-lasting high jewelry collections, our customer service is also excellent. Of course, we assist every client to the fullest extent.

Vintage Sunstone Jewelry

Figure 13 Vintage Sunstone Jewelry

How To Clean and Care For Your Custom High Jewelry?

At Home Cleaning

Cleaning at home is advisable, especially when the dirt is nothing serious. Pieces of jewelry are prone to dust and dirt particles, which could be a factor in cloudy stones in your jewelry. To prevent that from happening, use clean water with mild soap, gently wash your jewelry, and dry it with a soft cloth.

Remember that you must be gentle in every step of the cleaning process to avoid sunstone gem damage.

Sunstone Cleaning Process

Figure 14 Sunstone Cleaning Process

Professional Cleaning

Have your Sunstone high jewelry cleaned by a professional once every three months. RESOVON manufacturers and jewelers are also experts in jewelry cleaning. Doing this may keep your antique jewelry in good condition for over ten years.

How Much Does It Cost To Manufacture RESOVON High Jewelry in China?

The intricate patterns and the number of labor hours put in by our jewelers to create the jewelry may contribute to its high price. On the other hand, any situation can afford our sunstone expensive jewelry. Even though our fine jewelry is more affordable than other accessories, you can be sure it will last long.

Gorgeous Sunstone Ring

Figure 15 Gorgeous Sunstone Ring

Why Should You Choose RESOVON for Bespoke High Jewelry in China?

We are China’s leading high-end jewelry manufacturer because of our beautiful designs and product durability. Of course, we also provide our clients with good bespoke services through consultations, meetings, delivery, and more.

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