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  • Fusion Of World Art And High Jewelry Aesthetics
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RESOVON Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is a beautiful and rare gemstone found only in Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. Because of its color, which ranges from luscious to rich and deep purple, it is perfect for bespoke jewelry.

Tanzanite bespoke jewelry is a beautiful and unique jewelry that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its unique color and rarity make it a highly desired gemstone. With its growing popularity, wholesalers are now looking to China as their primary supplier of tanzanite jewelry.

Wholesalers can benefit from the prestigious jewelry brand RESOVON’s wide selection and affordable prices. With the right supplier, like us, our clients can find quality tanzanite jewelry that will satisfy their customers.

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Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite, called “a geological phenomenon,” is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Because of the stone’s rarity and brilliance, tanzanite is a highly prized gemstone that only renowned jewelers like RESOVON can put on fine jewelry.

Wholesalers worldwide are looking for a reliable supplier to get their hands on tanzanite rings. Many are turning to RESOVON as a supplier, as we specialize in producing high-quality pieces of tanzanite rings.

Our factory in China can provide competitive prices and quick delivery times, making us an attractive option for many. Whether you’re looking for an elegant piece or something more subtle, there will surely be a tanzanite ring that suits your customer base.

  • Antique Tanzanite Ring
    Antique Tanzanite Ring
  • Bridal Tanzanite Ring
    Bridal Tanzanite Ring
  • Diamond Tanzanite Ring
    Diamond Tanzanite Ring
  • Groom Tanzanite Ring
    Groom Tanzanite Ring
  • Luxury Tanzanite Ring
    Luxury Tanzanite Ring
  • Tanzanite Ring Band
    Tanzanite Ring Band
  • Wedding Tanzanite Ring
    Wedding Tanzanite Ring

Tanzanite Earrings

After being discovered during the 1960s, tanzanite rose to popularity and has quickly overtaken sapphire as the second-most popular blue gem. People’s admiration of the gemstone is exceptional, and it has even been called the “gemstone of the 20th century.”

Tanzanite earrings are becoming popular with our clients due to our high-end jewelry customization process. Its unique blue-violet color makes it the perfect stone to create custom earrings that stand out from the crowd.

Our factory in China has access to the best materials and craftsmanship, making us ideal for those looking for unique jewelry pieces without breaking the bank. With our extensive knowledge and experience, RESOVON is well-equipped to meet all your tanzanite jewelry needs.

  • Diamond Tanzanite Earrings
    DIA Tanzanite Earrings
  • Gold Tanzanite Earrings
    Gold Tanzanite Earrings
  • Luxury Tanzanite Earrings
    Luxury Tanzanite Earrings
  • Tanzanite Earrings Stud
    Tanzanite Earrings Stud
  • Tanzanite Earrings
    Tanzanite Earrings
  • Tanzanite Gem Earrings
    Tanzanite Gem Earrings

Tanzanite Necklace

In 2002, tanzanite was chosen as the modern birthstone for December due to its rising popularity. Bespoke tanzanite necklaces are an increasingly popular choice for those seeking unique and eye-catching pieces for their wholesale business.

Most of our clients only source their tanzanite necklaces from our factory in China due to our reliable quality and cost-effectiveness. With their vibrant colors, tanzanite necklaces make a great addition to any jewelry collection.

Whether you’re looking for a wow factor or something more subtle, there’s sure to be a tanzanite piece that suits your style in our collection. You can also use our highly effective jewelry personalization process to create custom pieces unique to your business.

  • Bridal Tanzanite Necklace
    Bridal Tanzanite Necklace
  • Diamond Tanzanite Necklace
    DIA Tanzanite Necklace
  • Fine Tanzanite Necklace
    Fine Tanzanite Necklace
  • Girl Tanzanite Necklace
    Girl Tanzanite Necklace
  • Luxury Tanzanite Necklace
    Luxury Tanzanite Necklace
  • Vintage Tanzanite Necklace
    Vintage Tanzanite Charn

Tanzanite Bracelet

Tanzanite is a wonderful and mystical gemstone that reflects light in all directions. It is just amazing how the sparkle and dark blue color combination. Whether you are looking for a bespoke, timeless, or modern piece, you can find the perfect tanzanite bracelet that fits your style with RESOVON.

Tanzanite bracelets are a stunning addition to any wholesale business. With its versatility and beauty, tanzanite provides endless possibilities for those who want their jewelry collection to reflect their business’ brand.

As a top-notch jewelry brand in China, RESOVON offers quality products at competitive prices, making us an ideal choice for those purchasing tanzanite bracelets wholesale. RESOVON also provides high-quality jewelry and bespoke services to ensure our clients get what they need.

  • Diamond Tanzanite Bracelet
    DIA Tanzanite Bracelet
  • Gold Tanzanite Bracelet
    Gold Tanzanite Bracelet
  • Platinum Tanzanite Bracelet
    Tanzanite Bracelet
  • Tanzanite Bracelet
    Tanzanite Bracelet
  • Tanzanite Gem Bracelet
    Tanzanite Gem Bracelet
  • Women Tanzanite Bracelet
    Women Tanzanite Bracelet

Tanzanite Brooch

All it takes to fall in love with tanzanite is to look into one. Deep electric blues generate “love at first sight” feelings during the day, and tiny flashes of purple, violet, and red arouse intense sensuality at night.

Our tanzanite brooches are perfect for any special occasion, whether during the day or night. Each brooch we create with this stunning gemstone is beautiful and timeless and can be personalized to fit the wearer’s style.

RESOVON has started offering tanzanite brooch high jewelry customization services, allowing customers to create unique pieces. Our clients can choose from various precious metals, such as gold or silver, for their settings.

  • Antique Tanzanite Brooch
    Antique Tanzanite Brooch

    All it takes to fall in love with tanzanite is to look into one. Deep electric blues generate “love at first sight” feelings during the day, and tiny flashes of purple, violet, and red arouse intense sensuality at night.

    Our tanzanite brooches are perfect for any special occasion, whether during the day or night. Each brooch we create with this stunning gemstone is beautiful and timeless and can be personalized to fit the wearer’s style.

    RESOVON has started offering tanzanite brooch high jewelry customization services, allowing customers to create unique pieces. Our clients can choose from various precious metals, such as gold or silver, for their settings.

  • Diamond Tanzanite Brooch
    Diamond Tanzanite Brooch
  • Fine Tanzanite Brooch
    Fine Tanzanite Brooch
  • Gold Tanzanite Brooch
    Gold Tanzanite Brooch
  • Luxury Tanzanite Brooch
    Luxury Tanzanite Brooch
  • Vintage Tanzanite Brooch
    Vintage Tanzanite Brooch

Tanzanite Charm Pendant

Tanzanite is trichroic by nature, making it incredibly well-liked. You can see three distinct hues when viewed from various angles. These hues are blue, pinkish violet, and pink, all breathtaking to see. With stunning hues, RESOVON uses tanzanite to create custom charm pendants for our clients worldwide.

Our tanzanite charm pendants feature the highest-quality materials and intricacy you can’t find in other jewelers. As a world-renowned jewelry manufacturer, we offer a beautiful selection of tanzanite charm pendants in various sizes and designs.

RESOVON has created beautiful tanzanite charm pendants with the help of our high jewelry personalization process. This process allows our clients to customize each piece according to their customer’s needs and preferences, making each truly unique and personal.

  • Antique Tanzanite Pendant
    Antique Tanzanite Pendant
  • Fine Tanzanite Pendant
    Fine Tanzanite Pendant
  • Luxury Tanzanite Charm
    Luxury Tanzanite Charm
  • Tanzanite Charm
    Tanzanite Charm
  • Tanzanite Pendant Jewelry
    Tanzanite Pendant Jewelry
  • Tanzanite Pendant
    Tanzanite Pendant

Gemstone Certifications

AGL Certification
AGL Certification
AIGS Certification
AIGS Certification
HRD Certification
HRD Certification
GIA Certification
GIA Certification

RESOVON Tanzanite Jewelry Bespoke Service

High Jewelry Consultation

RESOVON believes in creating high-quality tanzanite jewelry pieces. Our company has created high jewelry bespoke services for our clients. With these services, our clients can find the perfect piece of jewelry that will make them stand out from other wholesale jewelry businesses.

Our high jewelry consultation is a great way to start jewelry customization. A thorough meeting with our team will result in a well-thought-out design you’ll love. Whether it’s a tanzanite engagement ring or necklace, you can create the perfect piece with the help of our high jewelry consultation.

High Jewelry Consultation
High Jewelry Designer

Tanzanite Jewelry Designer

Our high jewelry customization process allows our clients to make the decisions. Our clients can work with our designer to create unique pieces of jewelry tailored to their needs. Each jewelry designer at our factory has the right knowledge and experience in jewelry design.

The final design dictates the general direction for the whole process and offers the tanzanite jewelry a gorgeous appearance. This is why RESOVON is a one-stop shop for all your high jewelry needs, including designing.

Tanzanite Gemologist

Jewelry businesses must find a reliable supplier in China to provide them with the highest quality gems. When selecting a supplier, they must consider price, availability, and delivery times.

Doing so can ensure their customers receive the most beautiful and unique jewelry pieces possible. As a prestigious jewelry manufacturer, RESOVON only employs highly skilled gemologists to check every tanzanite gem we use in our haute couture jewelry pieces.

High Jewelry Gemologist
High Jewelry Artisan

Tanzanite Jewelry Artisan

RESOVON is a highly regarded jewelry manufacturer with a highly customized jewelry process. With its unique and creative designs, our jewelry brand can create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Employing the best jewelry artisans results in remarkable tanzanite jewelry pieces.

Our expert craftsmanship and attention to detail make our jewelry stand out. We specialize in customizing pieces for any occasion, whether a wedding, gala or special event. Our artisans are committed to providing customers with the highest quality jewelry that will last years.

Safty Package & Delivery

Being China’s leading jewelry factory, RESOVON must outperform other jewelers. Your assortment of tanzanite jewelry will be packed with extreme care as part of our premium high jewelry customization procedure. We firmly believe that the packaging should radiate elegance when delivering our goods.

No matter what country or region you are in, we, a luxury jewelry manufacturer in China, also provide delivery. RESOVON offers efficient logistics and shipping options for your personalized fine jewelry collection.

Safty Package And Delivery
RESOVON high jewelry Service

Tanzanite Jewelry Service

Some jewelers cut ties when delivering their tanzanite jewelry pieces to clients. RESOVON doesn’t do that. Our high jewelry bespoke services include after-sale services such as a thorough inspection of every piece of jewelry.

RESOVON’s fairly priced after-sales service also includes refinishing, repair, or restringing services. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about caring for the beautiful bespoke jewelry you sell.

RESOVON Tanzanite Jewelry Spotlights

High Jewelry Goldsmith
Jewelry Setting
Hard Enamel Jewelry Process
High Jewelry Gem Setting

High Jewelry Gem Setting

Gem setting is a specialized craft that requires precision and skill. Our jewelers have honed the skill of making beautiful jewelry by carefully arranging precious and semi-precious stones in jewelry pieces. Being a well-known jewelry manufacturer in China, RESOVON sets jewelry using several methods.

The demand for high-quality gem settings has increased in recent years. As the leading jewelry supplier, RESOVON has experienced artisans who are meticulous in their tasks. Our factory also provides access to the latest tools and technologies, allowing our artisans to create stunning pieces with precision and accuracy.

High Jewelry Goldsmith

Goldsmiths are highly skilled craftsmen who create exquisite high jewelry from precious metals. They use various techniques and tools to craft intricate designs that feature gemstones, diamonds, and other precious materials.

Our experienced goldsmith is also responsible for producing personalized pieces according to our client’s specifications. A jewelry manufacturer like RESOVON relies on these professionals to create unique pieces that will stand out in the market and attract more clients.

RESOVON Advantages In Tanzanite Jewelry

Fine Jewelry Gemologist Education
Tanzanite Jewelry Education

RESOVON is aware of its clients’ constantly shifting preferences. Our jewelry specialists have an advantage over other jewelers in China because they have the proper education in tanzanite jewelry.

Our founders, Charles CHAO and Ann KING, are hands-on with the company’s innovation and creative processes. The two continuously achieve RESOVON’s goals and contribute to the company’s purpose and vision with their education and knowledge.

Luxury Brand Management MBA Education
Luxury Brand Management MBA

The CEO of RESOVON, Charles CHAO, knows how the market for high-end and haute couture jewelry operates. He enhanced his knowledge in this field by obtaining an MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management at Sup de Luxe in Paris.

His expertise has helped RESOVON grow into a popular jewelry brand in China. Charles anticipates the intricate and incredibly diversified jewelry industry to prepare for the future in a changing world.

RESOVON Exquisite High Jewelry Bespoke

Cloisonne Jewelry
Cloisonne Jewelry

Cloisonne jewelry is a type of high-end jewelry handcrafted by expert goldsmiths. The technique RESOVON uses to create exquisite pieces has been used for centuries to make high-end pieces with intricate designs.

Our technique is often used in haute couture jewelry and can be personalized to create a truly unique piece. With its customization ability, cloisonne jewelry offers an opportunity for high jewelry personalization that other jewelers cannot match.

Enamel Jewelry
Enamel Jewelry

Nothing comes close to the allure and exquisite look of a bespoke enamel jewelry piece. Enamel jewelry has been popular for centuries and has been adored by many. It is highly fashionable yet remarkably durable, making it an ideal choice for your customers looking to invest in their wardrobe.

RESOVON creates beautiful pieces that feature magnificent hues and brilliant gold lines. Our enamel jewelry, whether a pendant necklace, earrings, or a striking brooch, always makes a statement. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in each piece make them stand out from other types of jewelry.

Filigree Jewelry
Filigree Jewelry

Filigree jewelry is intricate and delicate jewelry usually made from precious metals. It has been around for centuries, but its popularity continues to grow due to its elaborate designs and elegant look. RESOVON, a jewelry manufacturer in China, has been producing high-quality filigree jewelry for years.

As a well-respected jewelry brand, we specialize in creating haute couture jewelry pieces with personalized designs. With the help of modern technology, we can create meticulous filigree pieces with more intricate and complex designs than ever before.

Gold Carving Jewelry
Gold Carving Jewelry

Carving jewelry from gold is an ancient art form honed from years of education and experience. The technique often creates high jewelry bespoke services, such as custom engagement rings or earrings.

Creating beautiful gold carving jewelry requires a great deal of skill, as the goldsmith must be able to carve the metal into intricate designs and shapes. As a top-notch jewelry supplier, RESOVON provides our clients with a wide range of gold carving jewelry at competitive prices.

GEM High Jewelry
GEM High Jewelry

GEM high jewelry is a kind of haute couture jewelry that uses gemstones to create beautiful, personalized pieces. With a team of highly skilled craftsmen and cutting-edge technology, RESOVON can create stunning pieces that will last a lifetime.

Each piece is the ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication. From the finest diamonds to remarkable gemstones, these jewelry pieces are handmade by experienced artisans and crafted with extreme attention to detail.

RESOVON High Jewelry Office
Born For High End

Born For Your High-end Jewelry Bespoke. RESOVON tanzanite jewelry team’s exclusive services is your first choice. From the super jewelry design to the exquisite gem application of colors and shapes, we can meet your haute couture tanzanite jewelry dream.

  • “I recently ordered an amazing collection of tanzanite bespoke jewelry pieces from RESOVON and was blown away by the quality. Their jewelry’s craftsmanship is second to none, and their high-end bespoke services make the experience so much more personal.

    Plus, their customer service was very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend RESOVON for anyone looking for an outstanding jewelry supplier in China!”

    - Serenity Gerhold, New Zealand
  • “RESOVON is my go-to brand for bespoke jewelry pieces, especially for my favorite tanzanite gemstone. Their tanzanite jewelry has a quality that I haven’t found anywhere else. The colors are vibrant, the cuts are perfect, and their craftsmanship is top-notch.

    Beyond that, their high jewelry customization process is impeccable, and they have an incredible selection of unique pieces. I highly recommend RESOVON to wholesalers looking for high-quality tanzanite bespoke jewelry pieces!”

    - Gloria Ramos, Spain
  • “RESOVON is my go-to source for quality custom tanzanite jewelry. The craftsmanship and design of their pieces are stunning. I recently purchased some for my wholesale business and couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

    Not only did they deliver my item in record time, but they also provided excellent customer service throughout the process. If you’re looking for a reliable jewelry brand specializing in tanzanite, look no further than RESOVON!”

    - Briella Horton, USA
Tanzanite Jewelry Gallery

Tanzanite High Jewelry Ring

Figure 1 Tanzanite High Jewelry Ring

What is RESOVON Tanzanite High Jewelry?

RESOVON tanzanite high jewelry, handmade by our talented goldsmith in China, has timeless and elegant beauty of bright blue shades of stone. Our faithful customers love our high tanzanite jewelry sets because of our unique designs, high-quality stones, and excellent customer service. Surely, at RESOVON, we won’t let you down, and you’ll get your money’s worth!

Tanzanite gemstones are known for their vivid shades of blue, indigo, and darker violet hues. In addition, tanzanite is recognized as a birthstone for December and 24th wedding anniversaries. A high-quality tanzanite is what you need to cherish those kinds of events in your life. Many people enjoy our Tanzanite jewelry, mostly celebrities and other known personalities.

In addition, high jewelry bespoke services are available in RESOVON. We ensure you are guided in the creation of your best tanzanite jewelry.

Benefits of RESOVON Tanzanite High Jewelry

Tanzanite Quality Gemstone

Figure 2 Tanzanite Quality Gemstone

The high jewelry crafts by our skillful jewelers have many benefits. Our high jewelry is not just an accessory that can boost your fashion confidence but also a great investment. Indeed, our tanzanite gold jewelry has premium materials and classic designs that go well with trendy or classic looks.

We ensure that our tanzanite jewelry design is worth its price, and you will never regret it if you purchase one. On big occasions, tanzanite rings with diamonds are given as a present, heirloom, or a remembrance. Also, you can buy yourself our gorgeous tanzanite jewelry bracelets as a mini celebration for your accomplishments, graduations, birthdays, and many more.

Also, investing in the RESOVON high jewelry collection gives you peace of mind because we provide excellent and outstanding high jewelry collections. By selecting our top jewelers and us in China, you made a sensible decision because your jewelry will be produced with authentic materials. Our high jewelry features sparkling crystal stones, great scratch resistance, and no rust.

High Jewelry Tanzanite Color

One of the gemstones of special quality is tanzanite, which possesses a pleochroic hue. Due to this, the stone can have both violet and bluish color. Depending on the cut, this will reveal the stone’s intense color.

Best Tanzanite Cuts

Our jewelers are skilled enough to know which cuts are best for tanzanite jewelry designs. In addition, the cut will show the beauty of the stone from different angles. We provide the best tanzanite cuts for our clients. In this way, their high jewelry pieces will look even more beautiful!

Clarity of the Tanzanite

Our goldsmiths in China pick the most transparent tanzanite stone to provide high-quality jewelry. Tanzanite gemstones can have numerous inclusions, which could lower the stone’s value. In fact, RESOVON high jewelry has fewer inclusions, making us the leading manufacturer in China.

The durability of the Tanzanite

The durability of our tanzanite jewelry is tested and ranked 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale. Generally, our tanzanite stones’ hardness is strong enough to tolerate mild chemicals and can be worn daily.

High Jewelry Tanzanite Carat Weight

One of the characteristics to determine the value of high jewelry is the size of the carat. We at RESOVON provide an adequate amount of stone depending on the jewelry we make. In the case of a bespoke process, the clients are allowed to choose their desired carat weight.

In addition, carat weight may vary depending on the jewelry’s shape, cut, size, and design. The small weight will produce lesser color saturation.

Exceptional and Sophisticated Tanzanite Jewelry Designs

RESOVON high jewelry designs are outstanding due to dazzling and shiny tanzanite stones. At RESOVON, we commit ourselves to providing you with the most classic but trendy-looking jewelry to make you stand out at different events.

Professional Tanzanite Jewelry Cleaning

Our skilled jewelers in China will happily polish your high jewelry professionally. They are skilled not only in creating your bespoke jewelry but also in cleaning it.

Please schedule an appointment occasionally to have your jewelry cleaned in our factory in China. Your tanzanite gold bracelet will be cleaned and polished in addition to being cleaned to add extra shine.

Creation of Bespoke Tanzanite Jewelry in China

Tanzanite Personalization Process

Figure 3 Tanzanite Personalization Process

At RESOVON, we value our clients and want them to experience our outstanding customization services. The collaboration of ideas between you and our goldsmiths are brainstormed in our factory in China. In addition, here are the steps in crafting your custom tanzanite jewelry.

1. A Private Appointment

We send an invitation before the bespoke process, or you can email RESOVON with a special note saying that you want to have your high jewelry customized. Before anything else, we will introduce you to our manufacturers and jewelers, which will help you create your dream high jewelry.

The first step in the personalization process is a one-on-one appointment and consultation with us to help you analyze the designs, materials, stone shades, metal choices, etc. We must provide a better bespoke experience by guiding you and suggesting ideas to make your personalized high jewelry more exquisite.

Exceptional Tanzanite Designs

Figure 4 Exceptional Tanzanite Designs

2. The Design Preparation

After brainstorming with our jewelers, finalizing your desired design is the next step. Until you get the design you envision, we will offer 3D printing for your designs as a trial-and-error process. Details are one of the major factors that will make the high jewelry look stunning, and we are proud that our jewelers in China excel in that area.

Our jeweler pays attention to minor details that enhance the beauty of high jewelry when making bespoke haute couture jewelry pieces.

Tanzanite Haute Couture Jewelry

Figure 5 Tanzanite Haute Couture Jewelry

3. Crafting the High Jewelry

After several days of planning, designing, and brainstorming, we can finally create your bespoke jewelry. In addition, RESOVON often uses natural tanzanite jewelry to craft high-quality jewelry products because many clients love the deep blue shade of our tanzanite jewelry.

At RESOVON, we use superior and more advanced technology to ensure you are given the best quality, high-quality jewelry and bespoke products. Our talented goldsmiths’ high jewelry production crafts include printing, shaping, molding, casting, and polishing. In addition, the tanzanite stones placed in the center of your high jewelry are handcrafted.

Tanzanite Crafting Procedure

Figure 6 Tanzanite Crafting Procedure

4. Bespoke Jewelry Delivery

We offer a delivery process for all our clients who purchase our high jewelry customization services. We are deeply aware of this, and we care about your precious time. That is why we will deliver your RESOVON bespoke high jewelry right before your door at your preferred time and schedule.

We ensure that there are no delays in the delivery process so you can use your jewelry on special occasions. Indeed, a genuine tanzanite ring is a Valentine’s gift for your special someone.

What RESOVON Tanzanite Jewelry Suits You Best?

Gold Tanzanite Ring

Our tanzanite ring gold would go well with tanzanite necklace gold. Also, the combination of gold elegance and shiny tanzanite stone will create a perfect high jewelry collection. In addition, this jewelry will suit a warm skin tone.

Tanzanite Ring Gold

Figure 7 Tanzanite Ring Gold

Rose Gold Tanzanite Ring

The beauty of RESOVON tanzanite ring rose gold, handcrafted by our skilled goldsmiths in China, can elevate your fashion style. You can also customize it in our factory in China.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

The RESOVON bespoke tanzanite engagement ring represents new beginnings with love, romance, and loyalty. Our high jewelry is dedicated to making your life memorable. With this ring, your love will bloom and shine in every situation.

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Figure 8 Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite With Diamond Ring

Our tanzanite diamond jewelry is best paired with our gorgeous tanzanite crystal necklace. Classic diamond stones with deep blue tanzanite shades are generally ideal for evening gown outfits.

Tanzanite Ring With Diamond

Figure 9 Tanzanite Ring With Diamond

Some other RESOVON high jewelry rings you can customize are the following:

  • Tanzanite rings, white gold
  • Tanzanite rings, yellow gold
  • Tanzanite bezel rings
  • Tanzanite ring with diamond baguettes
  • Tanzanite rings in silver

Beaded Tanzanite Necklace

The stunning blue tanzanite stone gives your clothing a little additional liveliness. Ladies will adore the retro style of the beaded necklace, whether it is custom-made or designed by RESOVON.

White Gold Tanzanite Necklace

The exceptional designs of RESOVON are available in our factory in China. Our jewelers handcraft every detail of our high-jewelry necklace to ensure it is secure and beautiful.

Tanzanite Pendant Gold

Figure 10 Tanzanite Pendant Gold

Rose Gold Tanzanite Necklace

The best combo for RESOVON’s high jewelry necklace is with tanzanite earrings gold. In addition, you can have the pendant personalized by RESOVON. So, if you require high jewelry customization services, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Beautiful Tanzanite Necklace

Figure 11 Beautiful Tanzanite Necklace

Tanzanite Hoop Earrings

Dazzling earrings crafted by RESOVON’s goldsmiths are great for special occasions, such as dates, anniversaries, weddings, and birthday presents.

Tanzanite Hoop Earrings

Figure 12 Tanzanite Hoop Earrings

Yellow Gold Tanzanite Earrings

Exceptional jewelry items like tanzanite gold bracelets and earrings are outstanding because they were made with quality materials, care, and love. High jewelry from RESOVON will never let you down. Some earrings made by RESOVON are the following:

  • Tanzanite earrings, white gold
  • Tanzanite earrings gold

Tanzanite Vintage Earrings

Figure 13 Tanzanite Vintage Earrings

Tanzanite Jewelry Bracelet

The blue bracelet looks stunning, especially when RESOVON makes it. Personalization procedures are available to upgrade your high jewelry bracelets to tanzanite gold bracelets.

Tanzanite Bracelet Jewelry

Figure 14 Tanzanite Bracelet Jewelry

How to Properly Care and Store Tanzanite High Jewelry?

Our manufacturer in China usually gives our clients a special note inside their bespoke jewelry box and instructions on how to properly clean, store, and treat their high jewelry. Although our tanzanite jewelry doesn’t need much upkeep, it still needs attention and care.

When you don’t take the necessary precautions, wearing your high jewelry daily puts it at risk of harm from dirt, dust, and chipped stones. Below are some safety measures to protect your high jewelry collection.

Jewelers Cleaning Tanzanite

Figure 15 Jewelers Cleaning Tanzanite

At-Home Cleaning Guide

If you decide to clean your high jewelry by yourself, you must take precautions on what not to use, or you will damage your tanzanite high jewelry even more.

  1. You can wash your unique tanzanite jewelry with mild soap. Do not use soap with abrasive chemicals.
  2. Use distilled water to clean your jewelry.
  3. Avoid ultrasound cleaning your tanzanite jewelry because they could irreparably damage the stone.
  4. Gently soak your jewelry in the vinegar for about 10 minutes and then rinse it with warm water.

Purchase a large airtight container to store your tanzanite pendant gold, tanzanite earrings gold, tanzanite beaded necklace, tanzanite gold bracelets, and many more.

What Makes RESOVON The Leading Manufacturer of High Jewelry in China?

Creation of Tanzanite Jewelry

Figure 16 Creation of Tanzanite Jewelry

RESOVON is a top-notch jewelry manufacturer in China because we use premium products, high standards, and advanced technology to craft each piece of jewelry. In addition, we select the most talented goldsmiths and jewelers who can provide us with exceptional, high-quality jewelry.

Also, our tanzanite high jewelry has excellent characteristics that every client would love.

How Much is the Cost of RESOVON Custom Jewelry in China?

Tanzanite Precious Pendant

Figure 17 Tanzanite Precious Pendant

You can purchase our high jewelry collection at a reasonable price. The money you spend on our products will not be a thing you regret later. Our wholesale tanzanite jewelry suppliers offer high-end, reasonably priced jewelry.

Indeed, we love you and care for you! Our high jewelry varies in price according to the type, patterns, size, and bespoke pieces. So, you can be confident that our high jewelry is in outstanding condition and is worth the price.

Tanzanite Elegant Ring

Figure 18 Tanzanite Elegant Ring

Is RESOVON Personalized Tanzanite High Jewelry Good Value?

Yes, of course, our high-quality tanzanite jewelry is of good value. We won’t disappoint you with our excellent products handmade by our jewelers and manufacturers in China. Indeed, we at RESOVON work hard to make an everlasting piece of high jewelry.

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