The History of High Jewelry and its Influence on Society

History has always been adorned by high jewelry. It has always been a symbol of prestige, wealth, and power of the nobility and other high figures. Even then, people already knew how a show of luxury and opulence could influence society’s mindset. You can say that high jewelry has shaped some of the defining traits of cultures worldwide.

Victorian-era styled Gold & Pearl Necklace

Figure 1 Victorian-era styled Gold & Pearl Necklace


But it didn’t start with just luxury in mind, haute couture jewelry culture started simply as a form of expression. Over time, it became more and more associated with authority until it became transfixed into a social mentality. That is still the case at present, only that you have more options and more technology to customize your personal piece.

High Jewelry Through the Ages

How did a simple trinket of self-expression become one of the planet’s most valuable commodities? Take a ride through history to learn about the development of high jewelry from its humble beginnings to its current incarnation.




Krishna Pendant & Earrings Adorned with Lapis & Turquoise Beads and Pearls

Figure 2 Krishna Pendant & Earrings Adorned with Lapis & Turquoise Beads and Pearls


Archeology findings suggest that the Egyptians were the first civilization that established jewelry making. Not only were the ancient haute couture jewelry considered status symbols, but they are believed to have possessed special powers. They technically were also the first gemologist, whose beliefs prevail even in the modern era.


Middle Age

Fluorite & Pearl Handmade Byzantine-Style Custom Jewelry with a Clear Fluorite Centerstone

Figure 3 Fluorite & Pearl Handmade Byzantine-Style Custom Jewelry with a Clear Fluorite Centerstone


Middle-age high jewelry is defined by metalwork. Improved technology in metallurgy has made it possible for goldsmiths to create detailed designs in customized pieces. They also improved their coloring techniques, using methods such as cloisonné to paint their jewelry. Emphasis on gemstones as the centerpiece of high jewelry also began at this time.



19th-Century Etruscan Revival Jewelry Necklace

Figure 4 19th-Century Etruscan Revival Jewelry Necklace


Global trade has allowed jewelers to get their hands on a variety of rare gemstones around the world. Through this, more intricate and complicated designs were developed to utilize the new materials available to them. The Renaissance was also the period when matching jewelry was in fashion. And the number of gemstones bespoke determines the value of high jewelry pieces.


Art Nouveau


Many years have passed, and jewelers and goldsmiths have mastered their craft with technology to complement it. The development of new ways to create high jewelry was in order. Techniques such as enamel, basse-taille, and champleve became popular during this period. In a sense, this was the time that paved the way for the modern high jewelry customization process.



Modern Platinum and Diamond Necklace Adorned with Jade

Figure 5 Modern Platinum and Diamond Necklace Adorned with Jade


Interestingly enough, manufacturers still use most of the Renaissance and ancient jewelry-making methods today. The only difference is the technology and the materials used, particularly the sustainable ones. Lab-grown gems are also becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility in high jewelry personalization.

Cultural Significance

One of the most important contributions of high jewelry in culture is that they represent the people’s identity. It is easy to forget that before becoming status symbols, they were first created to convey a unique cultural perspective. Every culture seems to have a unique take on high jewelry, giving you a glimpse of how they see the world back in the day.

New Trends

Throughout history, technology has allowed jewelers to customize high jewelry like never before. It allows artistic freedom for artisans who work in this industry. Best of all, the ability to reproduce pieces, with similar quality, is now viable, thanks to manufacturers and their factories. Creating wholesale high jewelry became possible because of their tireless efforts.

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