The Journey of a Diamond: From Rough to High Jewelry

You can make countless precious and semi-precious gemstones as high jewelry pieces. But diamonds are one of the gems that sit two or three tiers higher than others. Most jewelers say that diamonds are some of the most priceless gemstones you will ever acquire in your lifetime.

Sparkling Diamond

Figure 1 Sparkling diamond

But have you ever wondered what makes diamond jewelry so rare?


Every naturally occurring diamond has a fiery history that dates back billions of years. Each diamond has undergone a meticulous and frequently drawn-out curation process before being extracted from the earth’s interior and turned into bespoke jewelry.


In this post, we’ll review the steps to help you better understand the amazing process of turning diamonds into gorgeous high jewelry pieces.

Process of Crafting Diamond Jewelry

Ethical Sourcing

The first step in creating diamond high jewelry is sourcing gemstones. The voyage starts at the underground mines where diamonds are removed from the ground. As China’s leading diamond jewelry supplier, RESOVON is one of the few jewelry brands that ethically source diamonds.

Grading and Sorting

Diamond Inspection

Figure 2 Diamond inspection

After mining, the merchants who receive these rough diamonds sort and grade them according to their quality. The dealers examine the diamonds using a variety of instruments and methods, including magnifying glasses, electronic scales, and color grading systems.


They assess the diamonds based on several factors, such as color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. As it helps ensure that the final piece of diamond jewelry is of the highest possible quality, sorting, and grading are crucial in creating diamond high jewelry pieces.

Cutting and Polishing

Diamond Polishing

Figure 3 Diamond polishing

After sorting the good from the bad, the next step is cutting and polishing the premium-grade diamonds. Cutting and polishing is a skill-intensive process that calls for careful expertise. Only expert cutters and polishers can make rough diamonds into pristine and elegant gems perfect for high jewelry.


Most of the labor is still done by hand during polishing, despite some jewelers employing automation. First, the cutter shapes the original rough diamonds into smaller, more manageable pieces using cleaving, sawing, or laser cutting.


The stone’s edges are then ground away by the girdler using a technique called bruting, which gives the gemstone its outline form. After that, faceting occurs twice to create the perfect geometric shape over the diamonds.

Designing and Crafting

Diamond Crafting

Figure 4 Diamond crafting

Diamond jewelry design is a creative process that begins with a concept and culminates in a stunning work of wearable art. It requires several processes, beginning with preliminary design concepts refined into precise plans.


A few jewelers, including RESOVON, hand draws each design to create a bespoke and truly personalized model. After the final design has been approved, artisans like goldsmiths help craft the final jewelry piece.


Some processes in crafting diamond jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces, are casting, diamond setting, and polishing. Each crafting process is detrimental to the creation of luxury diamond jewelry.

Packaging and Delivery

After the grueling process, your diamond jewelry pieces are ready for retail. Packaging and delivery services are somewhat new to the diamond industry. Not all jewelers can create stunning packaging for your jewelry pieces while giving logistics options.


Unlike others, RESOVON prides itself in providing its clients the best packaging and delivery services to its clients wherever, whenever.

Giving Life and Elegance with Diamonds

Diamond Necklace

Figure 5 Diamond necklace

The diamond’s journey is no ordinary story. From being a chunk of iridescent material to a luxury necklace, it is a magical story told by people behind the demanding process.


The story inspires people to believe in the diamond they buy and the jewelry brand selling it. The journey gives the wholesalers a deeper and more meaningful connection to the high jewelry piece.


Bespoke high diamond jewelry is intricate and delicate and requires deep knowledge, unwavering talent, and attention to detail. Each stage in creating these works of art is meticulously controlled and tested by qualified experts.

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