The Rise of Colored Gemstones in High Jewelry Engagement Rings

Colored gemstones are quickly becoming the new center of attention in high jewelry. Because of their vivid colors and rich symbolism, colored gemstones have become a way for couples to seek unique and personalized expressions of their love.


RESOVONs engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular in high jewelry, ushering in a new era of self-expression and enduring elegance. This article delves into the rising trend of colored gemstones and the allure of these radiant gems in high jewelry engagement rings.

Brief History of Colored Gemstones Engagement Rings in High Jewelry

For decades, colored gemstones have been used to charm the hearts of jewelry lovers and adorn the fingers of fashionistas. Because of their beauty and vivid colors, they have become a popular alternative to diamonds for engagement rings.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring On Platinum Setting

Figure 1 Pink Diamond Engagement Ring On Platinum Setting

For instance, emeralds were associated with rebirth and fertility in ancient Egypt, while rubies were thought to protect from harm. Sapphires and amethysts were highly prized throughout the Renaissance because of their association with monarchy and nobility.

Exquisite Samples of Colored Gemstones Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings

A ruby engagement ring epitomizes love, achievement, and the most expensive proposals possible. Rubies symbolized power and respect along the Silk Road as early as 200 BC. Anyone wearing a ruby ring must be bold, brave, and romantic. Royalty from all around the world has been seen wearing ruby gemstone rings.

Pear Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

Figure 2 Pear Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

With their rarity, versatility, and ethical options, ruby engagement rings encapsulate the essence of love, passion, and everlasting commitment, creating a breathtaking symbol of romance that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Emerald Engagement Rings

An emerald represents commitment, calmness, and a fresh start. This precious gemstone has been worn by notable figures throughout history, from Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt to Elizabeth Taylor. Emeralds are beautiful and a favorite choice for engagement rings because of their rarity.

Emerald Engagement Ring Set With Diamond Beads

Figure 3 Emerald Engagement Ring Set With Diamond Beads

Emerald engagement rings offer a mesmerizing and meaningful alternative to traditional diamond rings. Their vibrant green color, deep symbolism, and timeless elegance make them a captivating choice for couples seeking a unique expression of their love.

Quartz Engagement Rings

Rose quartz engagement rings represent unconditional love. Since its first use as a fashion accessory by the Ancient Assyrians between 500 and 800 BC, rose quartz has stood as a symbol of everlasting love. A rose quartz engagement ring with a rose gold band is a dream come true.

Pear-shaped Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

Figure 4 Pear-shaped Rose Quartz Engagement Ring

Why Choose Colored Gemstones Engagement Rings?

For RESOVONs jewelers, every color is a jewel. Our gemstone engagement rings consist of various colors, from ruby’s deep reds and sapphire’s blues to tsavorite garnet’s grassy greens and spinel’s kaleidoscopic colors. Moreover, colorful jewels have historical symbolism, so choose one that inspires you.

Sapphire Gold Engagement Halo Ring

Figure 5 Sapphire Gold Engagement Halo Ring

With RESOVONs talented goldsmiths, you can send secret messages with colored gemstones. The Victorians popularized Acrostic jewelry, which spells words with the first letter of each gemstone. Diamond, emerald, amethyst, and ruby spell “dear.” Acrostic jewelry can spell birthdays, personal messages, or a secret between you and your partner.

The Gleaming Beauty of Colored Gemstones Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with colored gemstones are the ultimate beautiful distinction. Jewels have been a source of fascination for lovers throughout time. These brilliant diamonds symbolize individuality that can endure a lifetime, allowing couples to cherish their unique love story.


So if you want to have your own colored gemstone engagement rings, you can consider visiting numerous trusted manufacturers like RESOVON. With RESOVON, the product and service quality are top-notch, as they have been in the high jewelry industry for a long time.

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