What Is RESOVON’s Bespoke Process?

Creating a highly bespoke jewelry piece that stands out in the market can be daunting, but RESOVON’s bespoke process offers a solution to that problem. With an innovative approach, the prestigious jewelry brand in China can create customized jewelry works that meet the unique needs of its clients.

High jewelry pieces

Figure 1 High jewelry pieces

From concept to creation, RESOVON’s bespoke process promises to deliver a product exceeding its client’s expectations. So let’s get started and discover how RESOVON can help you create high jewelry pieces that are truly bespoke!

6 Steps in RESOVON’s High Jewelry Bespoke Process

RESOVON creates premium custom-made high jewelry for high-end clients. Their bespoke process is designed to help clients bring unique ideas to life by offering personalized design solutions, superb precision and craftsmanship, and exceptional attention to detail. Here are the steps in the process:

1. High Jewelry Consultation

High jewelry consultation

Figure 2 High jewelry consultation

RESOVON is committed to producing jewelry of the highest caliber. A wonderful place to start with customization is with our high jewelry consultation. Tell us about your inspiration, vision, or tale, and we’ll provide suggestions for how to make it happen.


With the assistance of a consultation, you can design the perfect high jewelry necklace or engagement ring. You’ll receive a well-considered design after a comprehensive consultation with our staff.

2. Hand-drawn Jewelry Designs

Hand-drawn jewelry designs

Figure 3 Hand-drawn jewelry designs

Customized and bespoke jewelry pieces go beyond limited-edition upmarket jewelry and are the pinnacle of exclusivity. That’s why with our high jewelry customization process, we provide our clients the power of choice.


Each client can work with a jewelry designer to sketch their ideal design. At our factory, each designer has the necessary training and practical jewelry design expertise. The final hand-drawn design determines how everything will work and gives the high jewelry a stunning appearance.

3. Ethical Gemstone Sourcing

Ethical gemstone sourcing

Figure 4 Ethical gemstone sourcing

With our expert gemologists, we start looking for your ideal gemstone based on your specifications. Following our CSR, we have developed strong contacts with ethical miners and suppliers all around the world thanks to our nearly ten years in the high jewelry industry.


Additionally, only certified gemologists can operate the specialized machinery that RESOVON utilizes. We use optical, chemical, and digital techniques to differentiate and grade each gemstone.

4. Bespoke Crafting

Bespoke crafting

Figure 5 Bespoke crafting

Our artisans will begin working on your jewelry piece as soon as the design is complete. Our skilled jewelry artisans with ten years of experience thoroughly inspect the custom piece throughout production. RESOVON has a high jewelry crafting procedure that takes 4-6 weeks.


Each item is created in-house, with all work done under a microscope for extreme precision. We offer a unique and tailored experience through cutting-edge jewelry manufacturing tools and the expertise of our team.

5. Safe Packaging & Delivery

Deciding between the numerous manufacturers and jewelers in China cannot be simple. However, by researching and comparing rates, you can locate the ideal Chinese wholesale jewelry maker, such as RESOVON.


We provide safe packing and shipping as part of our services since we genuinely believe your jewelry pieces should radiate elegance once they reach you. RESOVON also provides efficient shipping options and logistics for your high jewelry collection.

6. After-sales Service

RESOVON is dedicated to providing consumers with consistent quality and service. In our opinion, the purchase and delivery of a product only mark the start of a lengthy collaboration. Other jewelers cannot offer our after-sales services (such as resizing) for your exquisite jewelry pieces.

Crafting Bespoke Jewelry For Your Pleasure

Creating exquisite high jewelry

Figure 6 Creating exquisite high jewelry

In a world where personalization and customization are becoming increasingly and inherently important, RESOVON’s bespoke process is a game-changer. By offering high jewelry bespoke services, they have set themselves apart in the luxury jewelry industry.


RESOVON has shown that creating high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing high jewelry pieces is possible with an innovative approach. The bespoke process is a testament to RESOVON’s commitment to dedication and excellence in providing clients with the best solutions.

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