What You Should Know About Bespoke Platinum High Jewelry

Platinum is among the most popular metals used for bespoke high jewelry because the metal’s color mixes well with various gemstones. Generally, many factors make platinum the best metal for high jewelry. So, keep reading to learn more!

Diamond Stud Platinum Rings

Figure 1 Diamond-studded Platinum Rings

Platinum Jewelry Throughout History

Demand for platinum in China has grown throughout the years. Jewelers, young consumers, and wholesalers are drawn to simple and lightweight platinum jewelry. Generally, the high jewelry customization of platinum jewelry is more appealing to 30-40-year-old consumers.

In contrast, young consumers prefer simple designs to high jewelry. Due to the demand for platinum jewelry, the demand for suppliers also grew.

The platinum jewelry market in China is smaller than the gold jewelry sector. In fact, the lower market of platinum jewelry is a significant factor concerning the demand for platinum jewelry. As one of the largest markets for platinum jewelry, China manufactured over 60% of white metals in 2015. Jewelers in the country bought 1.561 million ounces of platinum in the same year.

What Makes Platinum Perfect for High Jewelry Customization

Platinum is mainly sought after to personalize haute couture jewelry for its unique characteristics. The classic color of platinum makes high jewelry pieces look luxurious and flexible for customization. Durability is one of the biggest factors of platinum in high jewelry personalization.

Compared to white gold, platinum is 20% and 60% denser than yellow gold metals. Bespoke platinum jewelry is also best for sensitive skin since it is hypoallergenic.

Platinum Jewelry Alloys and Quality Stamps

High jewelry platinum is made from pure platinum and alloys. Mixing platinum with other metals, known as the alloying process, enhances strength and durability ideal for haute couture jewelry. Regarding platinum quality, wholesalers or any manufacturer of high-jewelry platinum must disclose its purity. A fineness mark or quality stamp symbolizes the purity of platinum.

The Best Gemstones Set on Platinum Jewelry

Jewelers and jewel enthusiasts often prefer platinum because of its luxurious style, purity, and strength. RESOVON offers high jewelry bespoke services for platinum jewelry. Our China factory creates haute couture jewelry with ethically sourced materials from a reputable supplier. As a manufacturer in China, RESOVON has a wide range of gemstones suitable for platinum jewelry personalization.

Platinum Rings With Colorful Gemstones

Figure 2 Platinum Rings With Colorful Gemstones

Diamonds on Platinum Jewelry

Platinum may be a challenge for some goldsmiths and manufacturers in China because, unlike white gold, it is less malleable. But the less malleability is good for setting with diamonds for haute couture jewelry pieces. The natural white tone of platinum is a perfect pair to the brilliance of diamonds, perfect for customization.

Diamond Studded Platinum Jewelry Set

Figure 3 Diamond-studded Platinum Jewelry Set

Sapphire on Platinum Jewelry

A colorful stone like sapphire is added for high jewelry customization of platinum jewelry. Sapphire gemstones add color to customize platinum jewelry. Most jewelers and jewel enthusiasts opt for blue sapphire for platinum rings. Colorful sapphires in high jewelry platinum enhance the radiance of the timeless platinum design.

Blue Sapphire Platinum Earring

Figure 4 Blue Sapphire On A Diamond-studded Platinum Earring

Spinel on Platinum Jewelry

Spinel gemstones are also popular for a unique style for high jewelry personalization of platinum. RESOVON’s supplier of quality gemstones offers spinels rich in color and has excellent luster. Perfect for personalization, spinels are durable and have a colorful contrast to platinum. The durability of spinel and platinum makes an ideal daily haute couture jewelry.

Spinel Platinum Earrings

Figure 5 Spinel Platinum Earrings

Paraiba Tourmaline on Platinum Jewelry

The Paraiba tourmaline gemstone is the best to customize a piece of platinum jewelry. Generally, the exotic color of the Paraiba tourmaline is complementary to platinum. Apart from the Paraiba being highly sought after, the durability of the stone is also a perfect factor for bespoke platinum jewelry.

Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Earrings

Figure 6 Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Earrings

Stone Settings Best In Platinum For High Jewelry Personalization

Platinum’s clean white hue complements certain engagement ring settings well. From an expert goldsmith’s perspective, the setting of a gemstone on a platinum ring makes a huge difference. Picking the setting style on platinum is vital in haute couture jewelry pieces.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire setting has a bespoke single gemstone fixed on a platinum band, a classic take on a high jewelry ring. The platinum band can be customized with pave stones or be completely sleek with no additional gemstones. A custom solitaire set gemstone on a platinum band is a timeless ring style with all gem-shaped options.

Platinum Solitaire Ring

Figure 7 Platinum Solitaire Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

In a halo setting of a customized ring, the center stone is surrounded by smaller stones as accent stones. The surrounding smaller stones help create the illusion of an extra-large center stone. Setting the stone on a platinum band highlights the brilliance of the haute couture jewelry. A simple smooth platinum band keeps the sleek look of the ring.

Platinum Halo Ring

Figure 8 Platinum Halo Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring

To personalize an engagement ring, a three-stone engagement ring symbolizes a couple’s past, present, and future. A three-stone setting has a slightly larger center stone and two side stones. With three gemstones mounted on a platinum band, it radiates a timeless classic.

Three Stone Platinum Ring

Figure 9 Three-stone Platinum Ring

Perks of Using Platinum Crown

There are perks to using platinum as a gemstone crown on a bespoke ring. Platinum is wear-resistant as one of the more durable metals. The high density of platinum and excellent wear resistance protect gemstones on custom rings. With platinum, there is less maintenance, which means it is also a cost-effective metal for haute couture jewelry.

Platinum is the Best Choice!

Platinum also provides extra security for custom gemstones. Unlike other metals, platinum does not have metal memory; when a platinum prong is bent to set a stone, it stays in its place. Lastly, the most prominent perk of platinum is its color.


The natural white color of platinum does not need plating or replating, which is perfect for high jewelry personalization with the natural color of platinum. Did you find this article helpful? Share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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