Why Chrysoberyl is Ideal for Customized Rings

When it comes to customized rings, picking the right gemstone is crucial. While there are many selections, one gemstone that stands out for its unique aspects is chrysoberyl.

Chrysoberyl is a rare and durable gemstone in various tones, making it an excellent choice for bespoke high jewelry rings. Additionally, chrysoberyl has a flash of high brilliance and clarity and a captivating history and symbolism, making it a meaningful choice for your custom ring.

Chrysoberyl Gemstone

Figure 1 Chrysoberyl Gemstone

With the growing population of jewelry enthusiasts pursuing personalized chrysoberyl rings, we at RESOVON are eager to divulge high jewelry-related insights. As a progressing wholesale supplier and manufacturer in China for high jewelry bespoke services, RESOVON is salient in creating custom chrysoberyl jewelry. Read on to learn more about chrysoberyl rings.

Chrysoberyl Properties

Luxury Chrysoberyl Ring

Figure 2 Luxury Chrysoberyl Ring

Chrysoberyl is a gemstone portrayed by its uncommon clarity, hardness, and hue. Exceptional properties that pave the way for the mineral to be highly valued.

Whether you are a gemologist, jeweler, or simply interested in the beauty of natural gemstones, chrysoberyl is worth exploring further. Here are some of the interesting and remarkable optical attributes of chrysoberyl:


Chrysoberyl is an appealing gemstone that manifests a range of colors and appearances, contingent on its variety. The average shade of chrysoberyl is yellow-green, while other varieties can range from brown to orange, and some may even have a reddish tint.

This gemstone has a bright, transparent appearance with a vitreous luster that gives a brilliant sparkle. A perfect component of a high jewelry ring for diverse ideals.


The significant durability of chrysoberyl is one of its most distinguishing features. It has a Mohs hardness of 8.5, making it the third-hardest mineral and gemstone rarely unearthed. Consequently, due to its poor cleavage, chrysoberyl is challenging to split or break along a particular plane.

Chrysoberyl upholds great firmness making it resistant to scratching and chipping. An attribute of a gemstone that is highly considered when being transformed into a high piece of jewelry.


Another striking feature of chrysoberyl is its exceptional clarity. Unlike many other gemstones, chrysoberyl is virtually free from inclusions, naturally occurring flaws that can affect a stone’s overall beauty.

With phenomenal clarity, chrysoberyl displays a clear and bright appearance, with minimal to no interference from internal blemishes. An attribute particularly important in customized rings, where the gemstone is often the centerpiece of the design.

Mythology and Healing Property

In ancient times, chrysoberyl was believed to have metaphysical properties. This gemstone is associated with gods and goddesses and is reputed to bring enlightenment, wealth, and abundance to the wearer.

Along with lore, chrysoberyl is used in various forms of healing to enhance holistic well-being according to its color. Cymophane, a variety of chrysoberyl, was even termed the “Stone of Self-Control” by some jewelers and is used for progressing self-discipline and prudence.

Varieties of Chrysoberyl

Antique Chrysoberyl Ring

Figure 3 Antique Chrysoberyl Ring

Despite similarly containing beryllium and resemblance in name, chrysoberyl does not belong to the beryl family. Even so, chrysoberyl has its varieties. Here are some of the most sought-after classes:


Chrysoberyl Alexandrite Ring

Figure 4 Chrysoberyl Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite is a unique variety of chrysoberyl that showcases a remarkable color-changing property. The gemstone appears green in daylight and red under incandescent light. A phenomenon known as pleochroism is caused by chromium and iron impurities in the crystal structure.

Jewelers, gemologists, and enthusiasts highly prize Alexandrite, as this gemstone is only found in several locations worldwide. Together with aesthetics and rarity, this type also exhibits durability. A perfect choice to customize your ring.

Cat’s Eye

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Ring

Figure 5 Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye Ring

Cat’s eye is another distinct type of chrysoberyl and is best known for its classifiable chatoyancy or cat’s eye effect. This gemstone has a unique optical property, which makes it appear as if it has a narrow band of light that runs across its surface, resembling the slit eye of a cat.

Generally, this effect is caused by parallel needle-like inclusions of rutile and hematite within the stone, which reflect light in a particular way. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye is usually yellow-green or brownish-yellow and very durable, making it suitable for daily wear.

Chrysoberyl: The Perfect Gemstone

Chrysoberyl’s distinctive attributes make it a relatively rare gemstone, which adds to its appeal as a choice for customized rings. Selecting a chrysoberyl for a personalized ring design can create a unique piece of high jewelry.

At RESOVON, we highly value chrysoberyl as much as your ideals. With our high jewelry customization pioneered by expert goldsmiths, you can achieve a one-of-a-kind ring that will stand the test of time. Make an appointment now, and craft the chrysoberyl ring of your dreams.

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