Why Emeralds are the New Diamonds in High Jewelry Charms

What has made emerald such a popular choice for haute couture jewelry recently? Maybe it’s because of its deep, mesmerizing bluish-green hue that you can’t find anywhere else in nature. This is among its unique characteristics, making emeralds one of the most coveted high jewelry pieces. Even more so than diamond, which is the rarest of the gemstones.

Gold Medallion Charm with Ruby and Emerald Bespoke

Figure 1 Gold Medallion Charm with Ruby and Emerald Bespoke


The mystical allure of the gem also gave it a unique distinction among charm jewelers. Emerald is sometimes known as the “jewel of kings” among gemologists, suggesting its association with royalty. The gem also represents wisdom, knowledge, and foresight, among other things. In any case, the emerald charm’s appeal is still strong among collectors today.


Types of High Jewelry Charms

Emerald Charm with Silver & Diamond Studded Chain

Figure 2 Emerald Charm with Silver & Diamond Studded Chain


There are numerous types of charms available at present. Some can be subtle, others expressive, yet they all bear the luxury of haute couture jewelry. Here are a few examples:


Elongated Links

Probably one of the most popular types of charms nowadays, elongated links are a unique alternative to chain links charm jewelry. Its lightweight form makes it quite versatile to wear on any special occasion. Excellent for emerald bespoke because of its simplicity and subtlety as a high jewelry piece.


Chunky Links

If you need something more eye-catching, this is probably the charm for you. Large, bulgy links that can hold multiple gems at once. Easy to customize, it’s the perfect match for the expressive types that like to look bold and daring. It’s evocative appearance also makes an interesting contrast to the deep coloration of the emerald gemstone.


Rope Links

High Jewelry Emerald Charm with Golden Cord

Figure 3 High Jewelry Emerald Charm with Golden Cord


Rope links are probably the lightest form of charm high jewelry. It might sound a bit too simple for collectors, yet rope charms have an appeal of their own. Extremely light and simple to wear, it is the most popular choice for high jewelry bespoke service for emerald gemstones. Its highly facile design makes it easy to customize and highly sought-after by jewelers.


Glittery Beads

The most classic type of high jewelry charm, nobility has been wearing these since immemorial. Of course, the appeal of this jewelry charm comes from its striking appearance, which is unlike any other of its class. With it, any number of gems can be bespoke, adding to its elegant look. The glittery parts can also add to the mystifying aspects of the emerald gemstone.


How To Choose The Right Charm For You

Gold Emerald Charm with Ruby and Diamonds

Figure 4 Gold Emerald Charm with Ruby and Diamonds


Of course, the choice for a high jewelry charm largely depends on the personality of its wearer. Whether you want something sublime but elegant or expressive but meaningful. Or you might strongly believe in how the emerald charm can affect everyday living; there is always something for you.


Gemologist Advice On Emerald Charms

High Jewelry Diamond Necklace with a Teardrop-Cut Emerald Charm as Centerpiece

Figure 5 High Jewelry Diamond Necklace with a Teardrop-Cut Emerald Charm as Centerpiece


If you are one of those types of people that believe strongly in the power of gemstones, here’s a little advice from gemologists. Emerald is thought to give wealth and protection to their wearer; they are also known to ward off ailments. Ensure that the greenish color comes through after high jewelry customization to benefit from its effect. Yet you can still personalize it as you wish.


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