Why High Jewelry Chrysoberyl Necklaces Make The Perfect Gift

What jewelry can be more luxurious as a gift than a haute couture jewelry necklace? Its sleek, elegant design and its sublime appeal make it the ideal present for your loved ones.

The versatility of the luxury necklace allows it to be customized to suit any type of style. Yet how about the gemstone? What could be the perfect centerpiece of a high jewelry necklace?

An Ornate Silver Pendant with Agate and Green Alexandrite - a variant of Chrysoberyl

Figure 1 An Ornate Silver Pendant with Agate and Green Alexandrite – a variant of Chrysoberyl


Chrysoberyl has been one of the rising stars in the jewelry industry in terms of popularity. Many find its bright yellowish hue unique and mesmerizing, a lighter shade than that of peridot. Could this be the gemstone of your choice? Despite not being as prominent as other gems, it remains one of the most coveted pieces in haute couture jewelry.

Types Of Necklace Jewelry

Luxury Golden Chrysoberyl Necklace

Figure 2 Luxury Golden Chrysoberyl Necklace


Necklaces’ other advantage over other high jewelry pieces is the wide variety of styles that can be chosen from. There is almost one perfect match for every special occasion. Listed here are just a few examples from its wide range of selections.



Portuguese Choker made from Chrysoberyl

Figure 3 Portuguese Choker made from Chrysoberyl


Chokers are the type of necklace that strap snugly around your neck. They are usually large enough to cover the neck area or thin enough that it exposes it. In any case, This type of necklace can make the gemstone stand out gracefully. This is why it’s a popular item for high jewelry bespoke service, especially for gems like chrysoberyl.


Collar Necklace

If you need something more sophisticated, you can opt to choose collar necklaces. They’re the top choice for celebrities because they highlight the neck area and emphasize the face.

A chrysoberyl bespoke would make a perfect match to any to this type of necklace, as it would illuminate its fine details.



For those that need something more dramatic, these might be the ones you are looking for. Much more robust than your average jewelry, it makes quite a statement when worn on special occasions. Opera necklaces are usually made out of beads, but gemstones also work quite well. Gems like chrysoberyl can be bespoke or customized to adorn the length of the piece.


Princess Necklace

If you want to feel the pomp of royalty, this type of necklace might just be for you. Princess bracelets often incorporate multiple gemstones with a single bespoke gem drop as its headpiece. The cacophony of colors should delight onlookers, especially if it accentuates brightly colored gems like a chrysoberyl.



The Riviere necklace functions more like a beaded necklace, except it exclusively uses gems in all its parts. Each gem is carefully cut to match each other in shape and size and strung together without a centerpiece gem. If customized with chrysoberyl, you can already imagine how this piece would look; its vividness would illuminate any special event.

Chrysoberyl Gemology

Golden Chrysoberyl Necklace with Red Diamonds

Figure 4 Golden Chrysoberyl Necklace with Red Diamonds


In ancient times, chrysoberyl was believed to protect its wearer from harm. It is believed to assist its owner in decision-making by clearing their minds of distractions. Additionally, it is also associated with healing and good health. If you want to wish for good fortune for your loved ones, a high jewelry chrysoberyl necklace will do the trick.

Wholesale or Customized?

Golden Necklace with Square cut Chrysoberyl

Figure 5 Golden Necklace with Square cut Chrysoberyl


After deciding on a chrysoberyl necklace as a gift, your next concern may be if it would be wholesale or customized. Wholesale chrysoberyl is delivered straight to your door and easily reproduced. Customized might take longer to create, but it has more intrinsic value. You can choose between these two, depending on your purpose for acquiring the necklace.

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